Can You Flush Hair down The Toilet?

When you are using the bathroom, it’s very important to maintain hygiene and also keep it clean. It’s also important to extend the longevity of the bathroom and toilet as well.

Many people try to keep their bathroom clean, but most of the people are still doing it in the wrong way. They do those things that will even decrease hygiene. We know that the most important thing that should be maintained is to keep all the extra waste out. And for maintaining it, people flush down many of the things that they shouldn’t.

They flush wipes, cotton buds, sanitary items, and many other things down in the commode. But doing that isn’t an appropriate thing. And they also flush down hair the most. Let’s see if this is fine to do that or not.

Can You Flush Hair down The Toilet

Can You Flush Hair down The Toilet?

You already know that hairs are good at clogging whether you are in a bathroom, and washing your hair, or you are using a hairbrush. It will clog both the areas to the hairbrush and the drain of the bathroom.

Like the same way, it will also clog the area of the commode if you flush hair down the toilet. The reason is, hair breaks down slowly. That’s why you can absolutely say that doing this isn’t a proper thing that you often do. You absolutely cannot do that.

Besides, hair is the most common element to clog the pipe. That’s why doing it is not safe. Further, when the long hair goes into the toilet, it creates a web that can easily stop any type of flow. That’s how the toilet gets clogged easily.

It’s so easy to make a ball of hair and throw it into the toilet. But if you realize what the outcomes will be then you will not do that at all. The hair and the other materials can stick together easily and help to make a clogged pipe. That’s why we will keep saying repeatedly that flushing the hair down the toilet is not a good option to do.

Will hair block the toilet?

As you knew earlier that the one thing that can go through the toilet is human waste. Many of the people flush toilet papers into it but it’s also an inappropriate thing to do.

Moreover, hair is a thing that can easily clog the toilet. It can clog pipe downstream of the toilet too. Further, there is another thing that can be problematic when you are flushing hair down the toilet. And that is the hair down the drain that can make all kinds of havoc.

Hair is a biodegradable property, and that’s why it can leave down there for a longer time than other elements. It also can clog the outer filter and that’s why you need to dig up and clean out the filter nicely. So, it’s clear that the hair can clog the toilet and block that line.

What should you do then?

It’s proved that flushing hair down the toilet is an inappropriate idea. That’s why you have to be careful especially when you are in the bathroom. It is because flushing it down will completely clog the flowing area. It will make the water flowing stop, and it might bring a lot of trouble to you.

But what should you do then? You can do two things to avoid this stress. Firstly, you can throw the hairs away. That’s the simple thing to do. The other thing is, you can compost it.

At first, you can try to compost the hair. Yes, you should know that hair is compost-able. You can compost it to get rid of the clogging. Many of you might not know that it’s a good source of nitrogen. And that nitrogen is good for soil. That’s why you can use hair for composting instead of wasting it.

And for doing that, you should simply mix the hair in the compost pile. You can also add the other elements with it and compost it. Make sure you do the process by adding a small amount of elements because that will be easier to compost.

But if you don’t find the composting procedure useful, then you can simply throw all the hairs away. The best place to throw it is in the trash bin. That might not be environment-friendly but it will surely help to get rid of the clogging of the toilet. That’s why you can surely apply any of the two options and thus you can stay away from the trouble.

What can you flush down the toilet?

There are not all the things that you can flush down the toilet. There are some things that you can flush. It’s important to know what the things are that can be disposed of through flush.

When the right thing is going down the toilet, it won’t harm anything because it will flush away and nothing can be clogged up. And all the watery things that are being flushed, eventually go to the rivers and sea. So, it will be a beneficial thing that we got from nature.

But if the things are not flushed and put it in the bin then it can harm the normality of nature. But first, you need to know what the things are.

Any kind of liquid and wastewater can be flushed down the toilet. It won’t create any difficulties to the commode, and thus these kinds of things can be flushed down easily. So be careful before flush anything down.

Things you should never flush down the toilet

Not all kinds of things that you can flush down the toilet. There are certain things that can be flushed away. It is because flushing down all the things can be inappropriate for the toilet. The commode can get clogged up for flushing down inappropriate things.

We have learned earlier about what things we can flush down the toilet. Generally, any kind of wastewater can be flushed, and it’s obvious to have that facility because the toilet is made for that purpose.

But there are some elements that people generally flush. But doing that isn’t the right thing. Those elements can clog the commode area and the other areas too. And there are several things such as, any kind of wet wipes like makeup wipes, baby wipes, toilet wipes, and many more. Most of the people think that flush those wipes down is fine. But it’s not a right thing even if there is written “flushable” on the cover.

Besides, any kind of cotton pad or cotton wool is also an inappropriate property to flush down. There are also some elements like cleansing pads, dental floss, cigarette butts, toilet roll tubes, sanitary napkins, medicines, nappies, tampons, plasters, and these kinds of things cannot be flushed down the toilet at all as it can cause damages to the water flow of the toilet, and that made it harmful.

Wrap up

We often don’t realize what we are flushing down the toilet. Of course, it’s an obvious thing to be an absent-minded human in that case. But it should be noticed what you are flushing down through the water. It is because there can be some inappropriate things that shouldn’t be flushed down.

That’s the reason you should always be aware of that thing to avoid the upcoming trouble. Besides, doing it can also keep the toilet clean. And we hope that we could help you by sharing some information. Know the details well and try to apply it in your daily life.

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