Car upholstery cleaning tips – Effective and Easy Methods

When you are owner of a car and parents of kids then you have the problem of a messy situation inside your car. If it is real hard for you to pay the cleaning services so often then this article is for you. Here we will talk about how you can clean your car by your own and without spending a penny! Yes! You saw it right!

There are a lot of ways you can clean your car upholstery easy and cheap but here we will share some of the effective ways which will save your time and cost you almost no money. Let’s get started with your car upholstery cleaning tips.

Car upholstery cleaning tips

How to Clean Car Upholstery

So, here is the first tip-

  • As you know spills are common situation, as it happens often and lefts behind stubborn stain. But the stains can be from so many different things and you have to deal with each stain differently by knowing what caused it. Example: If the stain is from coffee then you have to tune it with glass cleaner. If it is from ink then you can remove it with rubbing alcohol mixed with some water. So here are some common stains and our DIY car upholstery cleaner to remove it-

#Coffee stains:

If you spill some coffee, blot the coffee with some cold water, blot the area again with cloth or towel then apply some glass cleaner and let it sit for few minutes then blot it out again with towel.

Never scrub the stains or it may get stuck further into the car upholstery. If the stain still remains there put some detergent on it and scrub it with soft cloth or sponge then rinse with cold water.

#Ink stains:

Don’t be scared if you discover some ink stains on your upholstery. Just use some rubbing alcohol mixed with water and spray it over the ink stain then blot it with a wet cloth or paper.

#Vomit stains:

In case of vomit try to clean the vomit from your car seats or floor as soon as possible. Clean the area with cold water, wash it with detergent and warm water. For the stains, apply a mixer of baking soda and warm water. It helps to remove the stains and also the bad smell.

#Greasy and oil stains:

Your car upholstery will be oily and greasy from time to time. To remove this oily and greasiness use a mixer of paint thinner and water then apply it on stain area with a cloth.

#Blood stains:

Blood stains can be real hard to remove. Just try to remove it as soon as possible. Use cold water and blot out the area with cloth until it is removed. Do not use warm water.

  • Now let’s talk about some car seat cleaning hacks. Cleaning the seats of your car are very important. It can clean them with just a few household products.

#Cleaning cloth seats:

Cleaning cloth seats are so much easy. You only need two ingredients to clean it.

  • Take ¼ cup of baking soda
  • One cup of warm water

Mix them well together and put into a spray bottle.  Spray the mixer all over the seats and scrub with a brush. Then blot it with a cold cloth and let dry. Trust me! It is the best stain remover for car upholstery.

Cleaning leather seats

Although leather seats are more delicate and easy to clean but from time to time it can get real messy if you do not clean it’s surface and the original color might get fade. To prevent happening such thing you need to clean your leather upholstery two to three times a year. These car upholstery cleaning tips are really useful.

You can clean it with detergent, vinegar or club soda.

  • Detergent: Add some detergent with warm water and put into a spray bottle. Spray the mixer over the seats then scrub and blot it with a towel.
  • Vinegar: Take a cup of vinegar, add few drops of soap and mix with hot water. Now dab the mixer everywhere and then rinse it off with a clean towel dipped in cold water.
  • Club soda: Spray on some of the stained area, scrub it with a soft brush then rinse it well with cold water and let it dry.
  • Vacuum the car as often as you can. We all have a vacuum cleaner in our house. You can use it to clean your car also. Just vacuum the dust after a drive. So that it won’t get settled in your car upholstery and will keep its environment free from dust and refresh.
  • To keep your car free from odors try to keep it clear of garbage and dirt as much as you can. Sprinkle some baking soda on the floor, leave it overnight and then vacuum it. It will keep your car free from bad smells. If you still smell something off then mix some essential oil with the cleaning mixer. It will help remove the bad odor.


Car upholstery cleaning is really important if you want to keep your car interior as fit as its exterior. You don’t have to go all the to the car cleaning service to clean your car. You just have to invest some time and it will be done for free. Remember all the money you have spent behind your car upholstery cleaning services when you could have done it for free with your household products. Sad, right? Don’t be anymore. Now that you know some car upholstery cleaning tips, do the cleaning by yourself and save money.


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