Cleaning Car Seats with Baking Soda: A Complete Guideline

Owning a car is the dream of every person. Nowadays, it has become a necessity instead of a luxury. The maintenance and cleaning of a vehicle play a vital role in keeping the charm of it.

For example, if your car seats are dirty, it will minimize the beauty of the vehicle and ruin your impression on others. There are a lot of methods for cleaning car seats, but an effective and economical way is to use baking soda for this purpose. So, let us find out how to clean car seats with baking soda:

Cleaning Car Seats with Baking Soda

What will you need?

To deep clean car seats with baking soda, here are some necessary things you will need:

– Spray bottle which is empty and clean

– A new toothbrush, you can use a broad scrub brush too, but a toothbrush is preferable.

– A clean towel, you can use micro fabric cloths for better results.

– 1/4 cup of baking soda is enough to clean a seat.

– One cup of water, warm waters are more useful.

You need a spray bottle, towel, a toothbrush to hold the solution, which is a mixture of baking soda and. of course, one cup of warm water. It will help you in removing bad smells from your car.

How to Clean Car Seats with Baking Soda

To remove the car seats, we must follow a simple procedure. It can be seat occupancy sensor, cushion, or the whole front seat, and it should be easy for you like car seats cleaning hacks if you follow this guide:

– Disconnect the battery first and move the position forward.

– Look at the end and locate the bolts in the back. If it has a plastic cover, then remove it to find the seat bolts.

– No matter what type of bolts you find, locate them at each of two-seat rails.

– Connect the battery and move the seats to the back.

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– Then find bolts again and remove it in front of the seat rails.

– Disconnect the battery, lift the seats, and then disconnect the electric cables.

– Disconnect the cables back of the seats and remove them from the car.

– You can install the seat in the reserve order again.

How to clean your car seats with baking soda?

Baking soda is present in many homes due to its richness in antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which make them fantastic for removing stains, dragging dirt, neutralizing bad odors, and killing bacteria.


– A glass of baking soda

– The soap you use to wash clothes

– A vacuum cleaner.

– A sponge

Steps to follow

– First of all, vacuum the seats and the mats to remove all the dust, to clean the upholstery with greater ease, and to obtain better results.

– Focus attention on the corners of the vehicle, as they tend to accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt.

– Then soak the sponge in water with laundry soap and drain it very well.

– Pass the sponge through the seats, rubbing gently to remove small stains and end the bad smell.

– Dry them and remove the moisture as soon as possible.

– When the upholstery is dry, prepare a homemade solution by pouring the baking soda into a bowl or glass.

– Wait some minutes. When the mixture has dried, the vacuum cleaner returns to be able to demolish the remains of bicarbonate.

If you want to keep your car seats in perfect condition, you should clean them frequently and avoid eating and drinking inside the vehicle.

We should also note the importance of acting quickly when the seat is stained to prevent dirt from adhering to the fabric and is impossible to remove.

Cleaning cloth Seats

Cleaning cloth seats are a little bit different because you have to use fabrics and have to do it carefully. Here is how to clean black cloth car seats:

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– Firstly, mix the baking soda with a cup of warm water.

– Make it a solution, and make sure the mixture is dissolved.

– Take an empty spray bottle and put the solution into it. Spray bottles must be a fresh one.

– Let the solution to be dried up and then use a toothbrush to paste the solution in places you need.

– Use a micro fabric towel in scrubbing the paste and then wait a few minutes to dry it up.

Following this method will make sure that your seat is stainless and odor observing.

Cleaning leather Seats

– You must make a solution by mixing 250 milliliters of water with a quarter cup of baking soda.

– Then you should apply a minimum amount of this mixture on the leather seats of the car, rubbing with a toothbrush.

This is the best trick to remove tough stains because the bicarbonate has an extensive fiber. This mixture must be left standing for half an hour and then cleaned with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Upholstery Seats

– To begin, you will have to remove the car seats to be able to clean them comfortably and then dry thoroughly.

– You have to bicarbonate them on top and then rub them vigorously with a moistened brush.

– Then you have to remove all the bicarbonate carefully and let the seats dry. In the case that there are stains without removing, it can be affected again by repeating the process but only in that area.

This way, we will be able to clean the car and eliminate bad odors after the summer in a cheap and fast way, without using aggressive products or with allergens.

Cleaning Child Car Seats with Baking Soda

– Firstly, vacuum the seats and select up the crumbs and debris before washing.

– Spray the seat cover with the solution of baking soda and warm water and start deodorizing your seat and breaking down any visible stains.

– Then uproot the seat cover and wash it with a light detergent.

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– While washing the seat cover, figure on the bottom. Turn the bottom the wrong way up over an outsized ashcan or call at the yard. Shake the seat or tap rock bottom for a moment or two to dislodge.

– If there any specks of dirt and debris remaining then you can urge them by using a vacuum cleaner.

– Then, Pull the seat cover out of the washer and hang it up to air dry.

– Use a wet wipe or a humid cloth with the sodium bicarbonate mixture thereon to wipe down the whole exposed seat surface and spray the straps liberally and rub them with the toothbrush.

– Let the seat cover to dry up and replace them within the car.

Cleaning Other Parts of Car with Baking Soda

Rather than cleaning the seats of your car, you can also use the value of baking soda by using it on other parts of your car. Here is how:

– You can wash outside of your car by using baking soda. Moreover, you can rub away dirt and debris as well as shine your license plate, wiper blades, headlights, taillights, and also your side mirrors. After Finishing rubbing, scour it with water.

– Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in your floorboard to remove any dirt and to absorb odors. Spay the bicarbonate of soda into the ground mats evenly, left it there for two hours, then vacuum the bicarbonate of soda up.

– If you keep baking soda in your vehicles to refresh the air in it have, and you will enjoy every bit of it.


When you have vehicles, you will have to wash or clean them regularly. Baking soda is an excellent solution to it as it is cheap, and you don’t have to be an expert to clean your car parts through it. So, you should give it a try and use the benefits of baking soda to clean your car.

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