Deep Cleaning House Checklist – Enjoy Cleaning with Special Tips

Who doesn’t want the cleaned home all the day? Everyone does but it’s impossible to be cleaned forever. It should be maintained. That’s why, cleaning the house in a regular way and in a correct way is important.

You can keep cleaning it but deep is more important. It is because if the house won’t be cleaned deeply, it won’t be proper. And though hygiene is important, you should keep the house clean in a deeper way. But do you know how to do it? And how can you keep the house fresh and clean? There are many questions that are rolling on your head and thus it should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Many people don’t know exactly what to do and how to do the deep cleaning process of the house. They are being confused and they cannot do the cleaning process in a correct way. That’s why, maintaining the hygiene will be tough for them. So, knowing the process is a must. Let’s check the deeper sections of the processes to see how to do it perfectly.

Deep Cleaning House Checklist Reviews

Before doing the deep cleaning process, it’s important to know the processes exactly. It is because if you don’t know the processes correctly, you can’t do the deep cleaning in a proper way. So, know the details before you start cleaning the house. Moreover, the hygiene is important. And it comes when you clean your house in a hygiene way. To know more about it, let’s dive into the deeper section to be clearer.

Deep Cleaning House Checklist

1. Entire Room Cleaning

1. The entire rooms of the house

Cleaning the rooms of the house is very important as it’s the main part of the house. So, start doing the cleaning with the rooms. At first, dust all the dirt off. It might be hard to reach to the entire corners of the parts like windows, ledges, ceiling and the cabinets. If you face this kind of situation, then you can take any kind of dust cleaner and clean the dirt of the corners with it.

You can also use vacuum cleaner for easy working. It will collect all the dirt of the room easily and also you can get to collect dirt where it’s almost impossible to reach. Moreover, you should clean the air conditioner regularly. It will help to process in a correct way. After that, you should clean the cabinets, drawers, couch and other furniture of the rooms regularly. It will keep the house clean from the deeper level.

2. Keep bed sheets, curtains clean

Always keep the curtains of the windows, doors and other parts of the room clean. It is because if you can keep those things clean then you can hope to have a cleaner room. This is very much important because all the dirt that is coming from the outside are being collected on the curtains of the rooms. So, you have to be very careful when you are going to wash them. It should be nicely cleaned and well sanitized.

Moreover, wash the bed sheets and all the other sheets of the rooms. It’s compulsory to wash them timely. These should be properly cleaned and dirt-free. Also, remove all the vent covers and wash them well. In that way, you have to wash all of these sheets to get a clean room.

3. Clean the door, windows

Cleaning all the bed sheets and curtains is important. Just like that, cleaning the doors and Windows is also a major thing. When it’s about deep cleaning, things are getting something different. And that’s why, knowing all of these things is also important because without knowing it you will never finish the deep cleaning process in a right way. So, at first know of these things about cleaning the doors and windows also. And then start to clean those areas.

To start cleaning the doors, you can do a thing and that is to simply wipe out the doors and the windows. It’s easy and effortless. But make sure you wipe out perfectly so that any kind of smudges, fingerprints and dirt won’t be exist on it.

2. Kitchen Cleaning

1. Cleaning the kitchen and dining room

Cleaning Kitchen is another compulsory thing to do. It is because this part of the house gets very dirty when it’s time to cook something. And if you won’t clean the areas deeply, it will be difficult to keep your entire house clean. So, make sure you keep your house cleaned and hygiene.

Moreover, nicely cleaned kitchen also refers to the health of the entire family members of that house. So, you can see how important it is to clean the kitchen in a right way. That’s the reason you should know the processes of kitchen cleaning.

Wipe out all the furniture of the kitchen and also dining room. Try to sanitize it if possible. And for that reason, you can use any kind of regular liquid home sanitizer and mix it with regular water. Then simply wipe out all the chairs, tables, cabinets and other furniture of the kitchen.

2. Cleaning the garbage

During cooking time, there is lots of garbage you will collect. Well, it’s a regular thing. And that’s why, you should clean it regularly. Though it’s related to the health of the family, it must be cleaned and also sanitized.

There are some things that are important to be concerned about. And that is to disinfect the garbage properly. The reason is if you disinfect and sanitize the dustbin properly, it will reduce the germs and thus reduce the possibility of getting the germs into the body. That’s why It’s very important to clean the garbage regularly.

3. The refrigerator and freezer

These two electronic storage systems are something that is compulsory to a house in modern times. Almost every house has at least one of these. And that’s why, getting the knowledge about this thing is very important when it’s about deep cleaning.

And when you are going to do that deep cleaning of refrigerator and freezer, you have to defrost the freezer section first. And you can do it just by switching off that section. Then take sponges and soak it in the baking soda solution. This solution will help to clean it deeply and also control food odors as well. Do that same thing with the refrigerator also.

4. Deeply scrub the microwave and stovetop

When it’s the topic of cleaning the microwave and stove deeply, several things are important to know. As this is the main equipment of the kitchen, it has to be cleaned fully. It is because if it won’t be properly cleaned, you cannot hope to have a nice and cleaned kitchen. You can get this only if you take this part seriously and work accordingly.

To clean it in a right way, first you can go for a technique and that is to use vinegar and lemon to wipe out all the smudges around the microwave and stove. Both lemon and vinegar help to remove all the dirt that is made from the food and heat. Also, use this method after removing the rack of the microwave. Moreover, you can also use glass cleaner for the microwave glass and also for cleaning the entire body of it.

For cleaning the stove, at first remove the pot grates and soaks it into the soapy water. Also, you can use baking soda to remove all the stubborn dirt like a magic. Scrub all the areas well and follow the rules so that you will get the better results for sure.

5. Deep clean the dishwasher

Cleaning the dishwasher is also important because dishwashing is as much important as cooking. If you cook and do not wash the dishes, then you will surely be in trouble. The whole kitchen will be a mess and there will be no reason to keep the entire house clean if the kitchen remains dirty. It is because if the kitchen will be a mess, no matter how deeply you clean the other parts of the house, it will be still dirty. And the main part of the kitchen is the dishwasher. That’s why; you should be careful of that thing and clean the dishwasher properly.

And to clean it properly, you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean it and to remove the entire dishwashing soap residue. Take a cup of vinegar and half cup of baking soda and mix it well and then apply it to the dishwasher. It’s easy and simple.

Checklist for Deep Cleaning House

3. Cleaning living area

1. Ceiling fans and lights

When it’s the time to deep clean the living room, it’s important to clean the ceiling fans and lights first. And once you are done with that, you can then start to clean the other parts. So to clean these things properly, first you have to stand up on a stable and secured chair or foot stool to be totally secured.

After then, take a sponge or a thin cloth and wipe out all the dirt of the wings of the fan. You can also use liquid soap to clean it fully. And for lights, just take a clean and thin cloth and wipe out all around nicely. 

2. Furniture cleaning

Cleaning the furniture might sound a tough work but trust me it’s super easy. All you need is to wipe out all the parts of the furniture with soft cloth. Besides, there are different kinds of furniture cleaning sprays available in the market. You can do a check on that and buy any of them. Spray it on all kinds of furniture like couches, cabinets, dining table and chairs and all the other stuff of that area. It is effective and easy to execute.

3. Cabinets and all the drawers

Every house has several drawers and cabinets to store different kinds of stuff. It’s effective and manageable. But these places are something that is getting dirty very soon. That’s why, it’s important to clean it out deeply in a regular way. And to clean it out in a proper way, you need to know the right process of it.

And for cleaning those places, you have to wipe out the dirt around it first. Then you should go for the furniture cleaning sprays that we mention it before. You also can take the sanitizer for furniture cleaning. It is because that will be fully safe and hygiene.

4. Doors and shutters

It might sound weird and not everyone does that but it’s important to clean the doors and windows also. The reason is that these are the parts which have more dirt than other parts as these are used very much in day-to-day life. And to keep it hygiene, it should be cleaned well.

And for cleaning it, all you should do is to clean it out with the hygienic furniture cleaning spray. There is no such tough thing that you should do for door cleaning. It’s easy and effortless.

And for window cleaning, you have to clean the dirt first that has taken place to the window corners. After then, apply the previous processes that are mentioned before.

# Bathroom cleaning

1. Clean air vents

Cleaning the air vents is important. It is because the vents contain all the elements for bad odors. And if you can control it and wash it regularly, you can also control the bad smell of bathroom. And as the bathroom is the most sensitive place of the house, it has to be cleaned properly.

And to clean it in a right way and get good results of it, you can apply baking soda solution to it. Take baking soda and mix it with regular water. After then, apply this solution to that place. You have to soak it for some time and then wash out with plain water. That’s it and you can get rid of the bad smell of bathroom.

2. Wipe down cabinets, wash shower curtains and all type of holder

The other thing is to clean all kind of stuff of the bathroom area. Clean all the shower curtains, all the cabinets of it and wipe these things out properly. It’s an easy-doing task and you can get the proper results of it. All you should do is to wipe out with a simple cloth and wash out all the cabinets with plain water. Though bathroom is a sensitive place and it has to be cleaned for getting proper hygiene, you have to keep cleaning these areas regularly.

3. Clean the showerheads

Showerhead of the entire house including the bathroom is a thing which you should keep cleaning time to time. It is because if you won’t do it then it will be clogged and water can’t pass properly through it. So, cleaning the showerheads is compulsory in a sense.

For doing it, you also can use the baking soda solution or the vinegar. It is really effective and you can get the best results for clogged showerheads. Take vinegar or baking soda and pour it in warm water. Then put that mixture to the showerheads and the clogged areas. This will clean all the areas perfectly.

Tips Deep Cleaning House

  1. Make sure you don’t apply things without researching especially those things which you have no any idea of.
  2. You don’t have to use lots of baking soda solution. Just use that amount of solution which is needed.
  3. No matter what stuff you wipe out, you should wipe properly because if you won’t do it, it won’t be properly cleaned.
  4. Purchase authentic and branded furniture cleaning spray. It will ensure and fix the texture of the furniture.
  5. Use sanitized liquid to clean all the areas. Nothing is more important than the safety of your health and the hygiene of the whole house. So, make sure you will sanitize all the areas as well as garbage section properly.
  6. No matter how you clean the house, you have to dry it properly. The reason is if you won’t dry it in a right way, you won’t be able to get the best results of it and it might affect to the quality of the stuff.

Final Verdict

As you can see in the previous descriptions, there are lots of ways to deeply clean a house. But you should know the details of every corners of your house first and then start the cleaning process according to that.

Moreover, you should do those things that save time more. Though time is precious and it’s tough to finish all the cleaning process, you should do the entire cleaning process in time. Besides, how you will clean all the house really depends on what season is that and what situation the house is going through. You should know if the time is a holiday or Saturday night’s party or after time situation of that party or anything else. Once you are done with collecting all the information, then you can start the process.

Furthermore, you have to be very careful about the hygiene of the entire house. Nothing is more important than the health of your family. So, be aware of that thing and keep cleaning the house as we said before. Love your family and keep the hygiene of the house by cleaning it deeply.

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