If you are wondering what caused those light brown circle stains on your upholstery! Then on your surprise, these are the Water stains we are talking about. Now you probably more surprised to hear this and thinking how can water make stains when it is the main element of washing every stain? Well, in that case, we need to know a little science.

Calcium and magnesium in the water are usually the cause of the stain. Usually, orange or reddish spots are caused by high iron content, which is most commonly seen in good water systems. Since we now know why these stains happen, let us share some tips with you about how to get water stains out of upholstery.

How to get water stains out of upholstery


How Do I Get Water stains out of Upholstery

Remove water stains from fabric furniture:

When water is used to clean almost everything, it is a matter of surprise that it can also leave stains. These light brown stains on upholstery can be really embarrassing if you don’t know how to remove them. Fortunately, with just a few simple materials it can be removed easily.

Take a damp cloth.

Place it over the stain. To prevent the moving, press with something heavy with two corners.

Use a hairdryer to take away the moister from the fabric to the damp cloth. Remember to keep the hairdryer’s heat to a minimum.

If the stain is still there, apply some vinegar over the stain. Dampen a clean cloth with some vinegar and dab it over the stain until it is gone. Before using the vinegar over the stain try out any hidden part of the furniture to see if it damages any material.

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Remove water stains from carpet:

Usually, carpets do not catch water stains and it won’t expose its existence that easily but if it does then you need to do this to clean it-

  • Take one cup of warm water.
  • Add two tablespoons of detergent soap.
  • Mix them well and put them over the stain with a wet cloth. Start from the end and slowly move towards the center.
  • Steam the water from the stain with an iron. Do not apply the iron directly on the carpet, it might damage the carpet. After that use a clean dry cloth to blot away the extra water.

Remove water stains from car upholstery

Water stains in car upholstery may come from spills. And it is a real problem for car upholstery. But you can remove them with just a few products.

  • Take one cup of clean water
  • Add one-fourth cup of baking soda.
  • Add them in a spray bottle and spray the mixer over the stain.
  • Scrub it with a brush
  • blot it with a dry cloth and finally let it dry.

Remove water stains from cloth

Cloths with water stain are not so common but even if it happens then you can follow these steps to clean it-

  1. Take a long white towel
  2. Spread it over your iron board
  3. Place the stained cloth over the towel. The stained area facing the towel.
  4. Now take another towel and damp it with water and moister the stained area with it.
  5. Dry the dampen area with an iron.
  6. Do it until the stained area is completely dry.
  7. Keep doing this until the water stain is gone.

Remove water stains from polyester fabric

Water stains are the drying watermarks on polyester fabric. These stains may appear like the hardest stain ever but if you know how to clean it, it is not that hard stain to remove. The easiest way to get it out is to-

  1. Damp the entire garment in water and to dry it again.
  2. Soak the fabric in clean water, and take it out.
  3. Shake the excess water from the fabric.
  4. Spread the fabric on a clean towel, and put another towel on top of it.
  5. Squeeze out the water from the fabric as much as possible.
  6. Hang the fabric to dry. Check it is not creating any new water stains.
  7. Pay close attention to the thicker parts of the fabric.
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To Know more you can follow the video Instruction:


Water stains are like one of those irritating stains which makes your upholstery look dirty. It is necessary to remove these stains to make your upholstery look clean. You can follow the instructions written above and clean your upholstery all by yourself. Now that you know how to get out of water stains from your upholstery I hope it will be easy for you to leave behind these stubborn stains.

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