How Does Steam Cleaning Work on Carpets?

Cleaning rugs are tough. And when It’s about steam cleaning, things can be complicated if you don’t execute it properly. That’s why you need to know about how does steam cleaning work on carpets.          

Well, steam cleaning needs a little bit of preparation and proper execution. And for that, you have to know the process quiet well.

To know more about it, let’s get into the deeper description!

How Does Steam Cleaning Work on Carpets

Method of steam cleaning on carpets

There is a certain process of steam cleaning. You need to know this for doing a better job. There might be some more techniques of steam cleaning of carpets. But we are going to share one of the best of all.

So, let’s check how does steam cleaning work on carpets, and how you are going to execute it. 

Step 1: clean the room

First thing you need to do is to clean the room. It’s important because if you clean the room and all the things of it will be organized, then it will be much easier to do the steaming.

The other thing is, if you take the carpet out and clean it outside of the room then it will be another easy way to do steam cleaning. So, take the carpet out of the room if possible. And if it isn’t possible, then you can also clean it in your room. But all you need to do is to clean the entire room first.

And for doing it, at first, remove all the equipment, furniture, toys, and other stuff out from the carpet. And if there is any furniture that is heavy and cannot be removed easily, then you can wrap the legs of it before cleaning. So that, it won’t be dirty.

Step 2: Use vacuum cleaner

Before getting into the steaming process, you need to clean the surface of the carpet in a proper way. And for cleaning it properly, you have to vacuum the areas of the carpet.

We don’t suggest you to use any other alternative because the vacuum cleaner will be perfect for cleaning the carpet with less effort and trouble.

And to do the process, you need to vacuum the areas twice. It is because it will get hair, dust and all the loose dirt out of carpet.

And for doing it, run the vacuum in one direction at the first time. And at the second time, you need to run the vacuum in opposite direction. In that way, you can get all the dirt removed easily.

Step 3: Take care of spots

You need to do another thing before steam cleaning. And that is to take the spots out of the carpet if there is any. It’s important to do that because it can make the carpet completely cleaned.

There might be several regular spots like food stain, lipstick stain, any kind of color, and also wine spills. All these stains make the carpet look dirty.

So, that’s why you have to be careful about these things and clean it with the carpet stain remover and a piece of cloth. 

Step 4: Prepare the steam cleaner

Now, you should start the steam cleaning. And for doing it, you have to do the preparation first. The reason is, preparation will make things much easier and you can do the cleaning fast.

And for doing it, you need to take that steam cleaner and fill the tank with water. And if it is detachable then filling will be easy. Fill the tank with distilled water by the help of a measuring cup. 

After that, attach the plug and allow it to heat.

Step 5: Cleaning

Now, you should start cleaning. Run the steam cleaner on your carpet. Make sure you start doing it from one corner to another.

We would suggest you to start the cleaning from the corner of the door to the opposite corner of the carpet. Run the cleaner over the carpet twice. And that’s how you can get the perfect cleaning of your carpet in an easy way.

Step 6: Drying

After getting done with all the cleaning, now it’s time to get the carpet properly dried.

Although you know that this steam cleaning process does not leave a lot of water in the carpet, still you need to dry the carpet well after being done with the steaming process.

And though you are using hot water, it will take at least 12 hours to completely dry it. That’s why allow your carpet for drying well for some hours.

Also, for that, you can use fan. You can also keep the window open for fast drying. And all the processes make the cleaning quick and trouble-free. 

Pro Tips of Steam Cleaner Work

  1. For quick cleaning, you can use any kind of solution like vinegar or baking soda solution for easy cleaning. Hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol will also be the suitable one for this purpose.
  2. Try to use stain resistant carpets if you can.
  3. If your carpet has fleas then try to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  4. Also, make sure the carpet has no odor. You can use any kind of essential oil in this case.

Wrap Up

We have tried to share some interesting facts about steam cleaning the carpet. You have to know about how does steam cleaning work on carpets. And you can know it by reading this article.      

There can be some other methods too. But we are trying to give you the best and quick idea above all.

Try to learn the hacks properly, and execute it appropriately. So that, you will get the best benefits for sure.

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