How to Clean Baseboards with Dryer Sheets?

You might know a lot of things to clean baseboards. But do you ever think about using dryer sheets for doing the cleaning? YES, you heard it right, dryer sheets!

You might be thinking, it’s not the purpose why the sheets are made. Thinking it is right but exploring all the other methods is also important. We are human and exploring different things is in our blood. So why not here?

And by exploring, we get to know that using dryer sheets are useful for cleaning many things. It’s also great for cleaning baseboards. Let’s see what the methods are and how you will do it in a proper way!

How to Clean Baseboards with Dryer Sheets

Method of cleaning baseboards with dryer sheets

The ingredient that you will need is simple. You will just need a box of dryer sheets. And that’s it! That will be enough for a basic cleaning. But, you can also use the other types of methods too. Let’s see the entire process of dryer sheets to clean baseboards completely.

Step 1: Wiping out

For getting started, at first, grab the dryer sheets. After that, wipe the places of the baseboards with that sheet. It will reduce the dirt by dusting off nicely. Do it for some time and you will see how the sheet can easily clean all the areas, and that’s why it will become dust-free.

Step 2: use a brush

After dusting all the dirt off, now you can use a brush to get rid of the dirt completely. Using a brush is not compulsory. If you don’t have a brush then you can surely skip it. All you need to do is to dust the dirt off properly no matter which equipment you use.

Step 3: use the Swiffer-type mop

You can also use a Swiffer-type mop to get the better results. It’s an optional thing so that you can skip it if you don’t have it. But if you have a Swiffer-type mop, then simply attach the dryer to the bottom of the head of the mop and start using it. That will be quite effective and give better cleanings too.

That’s it! All these steps are enough to clean the baseboards quickly and effectively. But there are lots of other facts that are equally important to know before you are thinking about using dryer sheets to clean the baseboards. Let’s see what they are!

Can you reuse the dryer sheets?

When it’s about fabric softener sheets, then yes, you can reuse it. Generally, dryer sheets can be used for at least two times. The sheets are made like this so that you can do the best use of it.

Dryer sheets can do an amazing job for removing dirt, and the other kinds of annoying things that are tough to remove.

If you want to make the best use of it, then you can use it four times. It will be safe to use. But you need to do it in the right way. And when you are going to do it, you should cut a little bit of a corner every time you use it. That will help to get the proper use easily.

How to reuse it?

Fabric softener sheets are useful to remove pet hair or any kind of dirt from clothes, baseboards, or other kinds of stuff in an easy way. When dust builds up, dryer sheets help to reduce and remove it and make it a new one without taking much trouble.

And to reuse it, you can find several reasons as it is used for different purposes. When you are done with cleaning the baseboards with a sheet, now what should you do? You can now clean the dirt from the other types of places of materials.

You can clean the dust of your windows, wipe out the screen of your phone, computer, and television. The other thing you can do is to clean some small furniture like shelves, rack, and many other things like that. Dryer sheets are wonderful for cleaning stuff and make it a shiny, and new one. That’s why you should definitely try to do it.

Is using dryer sheets the easiest way to clean baseboards?

As you can see through the procedures that using dryer sheets for cleaning baseboards is an effective as well as quick process. The reason is, you don’t need to make a solution to do it. Also, you don’t need to take any preparation for this if you are using dryer sheets.

That’s why you can consider this method as the quickest way to get rid of dirt. Although there are different other kinds of methods too such as baking soda solution, or vinegar solution and the other homemade solutions like these, this will take much time and effort. Compared to that, using dryer sheets is more useful and gives you less trouble than any other methods.

Is dusting important before cleaning?

When you are doing the procedures of cleaning baseboards, there are some certain things that are important. And one of those important things is to dust off all the dirt first.

The reason why this is so important is, if you won’t dust all the dirt off and you will start cleaning that area anyway, then you won’t get the better result. You have to dust off to get rid of excess and unwanted things that are on the baseboards.

Besides, if you use a homemade liquid solution, then it will get worse. And the entire process will go in vain as it will create things messier.

And for avoiding all the things and also to clean the baseboards perfectly, you need to dust off first. It will make things easier and you can get new and shiny baseboards like before. Moreover, it will save the texture of baseboards. That’s why dusting off is a must.

Are Dryer Sheets safe?

While using a new product or experimenting a new method, several things will roll on your mind. But the most serious and important thing is the safety of it.

And though you are using dryer sheets, you have to be careful of its safety. There are some dryer sheets that are made of toxic chemicals. Some health experts describe that this kind of sheet can be dangerous.

The problems that you might face while using this kind of toxic sheet are, it can irritate the eyes, create rashes to the skin, and even give migraine, and asthma attacks.

But you have to understand that not all chemicals have side effects. Besides, there are some non-toxic dryer sheets that can be found nowadays. You can also get this kind of product. It will be safer than the other one for sure.

But in an overall sense, dryer sheets won’t affect you much. Even it will make your work easier. That’s why you can consider it as an ideal way to use dryer sheets for cleaning baseboards.

Overall, it’s a safe and fast way to remove dirt from the baseboards and you can use it without taking much tension.


1. Throw dryer sheets away when you will finish your work.

2. Don’t over-use it.

3. Try to get the non-toxic dryer sheets for better safety.

4. Dust off and wipe out well to get the perfect results.

Wrap Up

We have talked about all the things that we knew about using dryer sheets for cleaning baseboards. We also read the different purposes of using this thing and how you also can reuse it. In a sense, dryer sheets got more facilities.

And making it work is your responsibility. No matter where you use those sheets, you have to use it correctly. That’s why you need to know the details about dryer sheets first.

Know all the details well and then start experimenting with it. It is because safety should be the first priority. So, know all the details, use it well and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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