How to Clean Baseboards without Bending Over?

Cleaning baseboards might seem tough, but trust me it’s the easiest way that you can do. All you need to do is to follow the rules and maintain hygiene. Besides, if you are not able to bend over while cleaning this stuff or you want to do it as simple as possible, then you should know the tricks.

And what are the tricks? Is it effective? Well, to know the answers, let’s check out all the stuff and see how it’s being the easiest way.

How to Clean Baseboards without Bending Over

Why do baseboards get so dirty?

Baseboards are made of a material that is used for interior decoration of a house. There are some real wood baseboards that are made from softwoods. And the boards are primed and painted nicely before attaching it to the walls.

That’s the process of attaching the baseboards to the walls. But what process should you apply for keeping it clean? That’s a necessary thing to know. But first, you have to know why and how the baseboards get dirty.

Though it’s a household thing, that’s why it’s usual to get dirty easily. Suppose you are in your kitchen, and you are working and doing different stuff there. The place will surely get dirty and thus the baseboards might get dirty too.

They can catch food easily, and that’s why the places will become greasy. There are some Mudroom baseboards that are also good at picking dirt. That’s the reason the baseboards get dirty easily.

How to Clean Baseboards without Bending Over

You can do the cleaning process in several ways as it’s simple and easy to do. But you have to work a little bit to get the perfect result. If you don’t want to bend over and work more or you have a problem to bend over, then you have to apply the processes differently. Let’s see what the different procedures are.

# Traditional way

Step 1: Dusting

First take a broom and clean the baseboards. And for doing that, simply take the broom and dust off the areas of the baseboards that are dirty.

This is the easiest way to get rid of dirt especially when you have no vacuum cleaner. Try to purchase that broom that has longer handles. That’s why you don’t have to bend over while doing this.

And to do it in the right way, first sweep the baseboards a couple of times. After that, collect all the dust and put all of that in a bin. Make sure you dust off the areas nicely to get into the next procedures.

Step 2: Vacuum

When you have a vacuum, you don’t need to worry at all. It will make your work easier for sure. And you can use both broom and vacuum for better results.

For cleaning all the dust properly, you can use an upholstery brush. It will help to catch all the dust in an easy way. That’s why it will be helpful for you too.

And for avoiding the bending over, you need to take that vacuum cleaner that has a long wand. It can help you to not bend over when you will clean the baseboards. You can also use detachable attachments to reach hard places and to clean the toughest part of it easily.

Step 3: Wiping Out

After doing the dusting and vacuuming properly, you need to wipe the places to clean it. Dusting and vacuuming might be able to catch the upper level dirt. But wiping can clean the places completely. You can also do it by hand, and that’s why you can clean the way you want.

And for doing it, you can use baby wipes. Take baby wipes and wipe the places appropriately. Make sure you will wipe out the corners too. There should be no dirt remaining on the surface.

Moreover, you can simply use thin clothes to do this. Take the cloth and soak it in water. Then take it off from the water and remove all the excess water as well. After doing it, do the same process just like the previous descriptions.

Step 4: Make the solution

After cleaning with wipes, now it’s time to make a solution that can deeply clean the baseboards. And the traditional way to make a cleaning solution is easy.

And to make the solution, all you need to do is to take a bucket and add warm water into it. After that, add your preferable cleanser, and mix it well. Make sure the cleanser is totally chemical free.

Further, there is a soap called Dawn dish soap that has a quality that can easily remove grease of baseboards, sinks, floor, dishes and places like that.

You can add Dawn dish soap or just the regular dish-washing soap into the water. You have to take 4-5 drops of Dawn dish soap into the warm water and mix well before you use it. That’s it! The homemade cleaning solution is ready to use.

Step 5:  Cleaning

When you are done with making the solution, now you have to use it in a proper way. And to do it, you need to take a thin and soft cloth to soak it in the solution. After being properly soaked, you have to remove all the excess water and then start the cleaning process.

Start cleaning the baseboards from one place to another. You need to clean it in back and forth motion. That will be helpful for removing stains and grease as well. After cleaning it well, you have to wipe it out so that there will be no water remaining, and it can dry it out easily.

Cleaning Baseboards with vinegar

Vinegar is a quick and effective solution for removing stains, dirt and greasiness. That’s why you can also use this ingredient for removing grease on baseboards.

And for using it, just take warm water in a bucket. Then add any kind of liquid soap and vinegar into it. You can also add some drops of essential oil of your favorite fragrance. Then mix the mixture well and use as usual.

It’s an effective way to get rid of dirt, stain, and grease of the baseboards. It’s a simple way so that you can easily do the processes.

Clean with a microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth can do an amazing job for removing dirt, stain and grease. When you are using microfiber cloth, you can catch dirt easily. The reason is, microfiber cloth is effective to collect small particles of dust. That’s why you can get effective results while using it.

And for doing complete use of it, the process is just like before. You just need to dip the microfiber cloth into the cleaning mixture and remove access water. After that, wipe out the areas that are looking dirty and greasy. After cleaning the areas properly, let the places dry.


1. Make sure you remove all the dust easily before starting the cleaning with liquid.

2. Use the detachable attachments of vacuum to get into the tough-to-reach places and clean it well.

3. Don’t use lots of water for cleaning the baseboards. It can damage the texture.

4. You can use a dry-cleaning sponge to gently scrub the entire area. But make sure you won’t scrub the places too hard. You just need to scrub the baseboards once or twice in a year.

5. Make sure you take that broom that has a long handle. It is because it can help you to clean easily without bending over.

Wrap Up

Well, you saw earlier what the tricks are and how you can apply these tricks in an easy and appropriate way. You don’t need to do it the exact way. But you need to do it effectively. Also, you must maintain hygiene. That’s how you can clean the baseboards properly and keep it as new as before.

So, check the techniques and try it out if you have dirty baseboards.

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