How to clean Between car seats – Easy and Effective Guide

Each car proprietor needs to pay extra attention to his car’s interior decoration and clutter. On the other hand, a car owner contains tension in his mind about his seats. Though, seats are used daily and these may dirty or messy for our various activities.

If the seats of the car got dirty, the interior environment will be trashy and odd situations. But if he takes some simple steps to clean between seats regularly, seats will be cleaned as like a new one. Moreover, this article will help you to get rid of this simple problem. You need just to follow the simple steps below. So, be patient and catch me if you want to get your solution.

How to clean between car seats

What is essential to know before start cleaning

It is a very simple matter that seats are the main and basic elements of a car. Though there are other elements to decorate it. But without seats, it is useless. So, seats in a car increase its value to all.

Let’s see what essential knowledge you should know to clean your car’s seats.

  1. Be careful about the seat’s element if it is leather or fabric cloth seats.
  2. You must use a mask on the mouth when you start cleaning
  3. Use wears gloves on hands before starting
  4. Collect all necessary tools which are need
  5. Take your car at a safe place where you can manage the drainage system
  6. Metal elements must be cleaned and checked if any parts are broken
  7. You must collect enough water on a bucket
  8. Have basic knowledge about the mill of seats
  9. Children must keep far from the car
  10. No need any fires around the car or seats
  11. You should avoid smoking.

What should not you do?

• Never use hot water

• Needs soft touch to get rid of prickly

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• Don’t use an acid mix liquid

• Be careful about high pressure on the seats

• You should not use your hand to clean your seats without gloves

• No need to clean seats with hard metal or instruments

What should you keep in mind

• You need to know about cleaning steps and procedures

• You must be conscious of other elements of your car when cleaning

• Arrange all your particulars and elements which are need

• You must keep chemicals so far from seats

• When you clean your seats, park your car at an open and clear surface

• Manage a drainage system so that dirty water can be released

Essential elements and chemicals for cleaning seats

No doubt there are different types of car seats. Such as vinyl seats, pure leather seats or fabric seats. For that reason, we have to use various types of elements, instruments or chemicals to clean it.

Without using any tools or chemicals, it is too hard to clean seats properly. Which tools, elements or chemicals we should use are dependent on the characteristics of seats and their quality.

The tools or chemicals we should use are described below.

Common and necessary materials and chemicals are listed below.

• Car vacuum

• Stiff bristle brush

• Water

• Spray bottle

• A solution

• Crevice tool

• Vinegar

• Baking soda

• Club soda

• Towel

• Sponge scrub

• Feather

There are some specific tools and chemicals that have to use which need to clean specific seats.

For the faux leather or pure leather seats:

Most of the faux leather or normal pure leather seats are of high quality. Therefore, it needs to take extra care. No compromise to clean a leather seat with below tools and necessary chemicals.

The following tools and chemicals below are used to clean faux leather or pure leather car seats.

• Vinegar

• Rubbing alcohol

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• Sponge scrubber

• Towel

• Toothpaste and tartar cream

• Dish shop and lemon juice

For the Cloths seats:

• Detergent powder

• Baking and club soda

• Cleaning brush and dish shop

• Normal toothbrush

• Vinegar

Steps to clean Car seats

Though the cleaning of a car seat is so difficult, you should need to take the proper steps. If you don’t know the step, you can follow the below method.

There are various types of car seats. So, the steps of cleaning seats are different.

Fabric or cloth car seats:

To clean the fabric or cloth seats, you can follow these simple steps.

1. Remove trash from chunks. It is an easy task because papers, packets, chips, dry foods others can be removed by hand. You can try to clean seats manually in the whole area of the car.

2. Now try to remove unseen messes. It may be dust, oil, powder or anything. To complete this task, try to dry clean the surface of the seats.

3. At this moment, use detergent and semi-hot water. To get rid of the changing color of seats, it needs to wet free. Because worm water and detergent will help to remove the stain.

4. Needs to dry the car seats and vacuum it again. Don’t close the door and windows.

Leather seats cleaning:

1. Use a feather duster to clean dust from leather seats.

2. Mix dust cleaner or detergent with cloths and let it clean

4. Finally, clean the surface with a dry towel or cloth.

Vinyle car seats clean:

1.Though vinyl seats not full of the hole so you can use normal cloths to clean

2. Take some water and mix with a towel and wipe off the seats.

Types of way to Clean car Seats

We have found the basic three ways to clean seats. They are given below:

1. Macula diverging

2. Fabrics cleaning substitute

3. Cloths car seats maintain.

The three ways are described below as follows:

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Macula diverging

It’s the first thing to start cleaning. We should find out and put aside all types of dirt, garbage, and other unnecessary things. Then create a vacuum between seats. After that use spray of solution. Other things are to clean cloths seats. There needs a huge spray to the seats and remove all spots from seats. You can use detergent spray.

The sprayed area must clean before starting a new area. Meanwhile, you should use a brush for scouring the spotted area. Now you can use a stiff interior brush to clean your clothes. In this way, seats can be cleaned.

After using a stiff interior brush, bring a soft towel and gather all dust and wipe away mixing water. Until cleaning the area, you should repeat the same things. At the last age, use the vacuum again to dry and wet out the seats.

Fabrics cleaning substitute

It is a piece of good news that you can alternatives to fabric cleaners such as laundry detergent, vinegar, baking soda or club soda.

You can try those alternative chemicals to clean your seats. The process is very simple and very easy. First of all, bring some hot water and mix some laundry detergent. Then take them into a spray bottle. This detergent mix will help to remove permanent spot form anywhere. Similarly, club soda works like detergent. You can make a great solution with 60 ml baking soda and 250ml hot water. To use these solutions needs a toothbrush. That’s all the alternative of fabrics cleaner.

The cloth car seat maintains:

A regular car seat’s vacuum is a very effective way to keep clean your car seats. Eventually, take action and make a routine to do this task. After all, do it every week.

Always be serious about to keep cleaning seats. If any dust or debris exists on the seats, remove this immediately. This good habit will help you to make your car splendid. Always follow the seat rules.


Cleaning of car seats is not a difficult job. But we don’t get enough time to care for it. As a result, our car gets into garbage easily for the only unconsciousness. In our real-life we often busy with our job, entertainment, or other professional life. But we should take proper care of our car. Somehow, we should be aware of this matter. If we can maintain the simple ways and steps our car’s seats will clean and splendid.


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