How to Clean Braun Coffee Maker

The Braun Coffee Maker is one of the most popular coffee maker machines available in the market currently. It is famous for various reasons, including efficient performance, ease of use, and beautiful design. The Braun Coffee Maker are usually pretty durable. You must clean the Braun coffee maker regularly to ensure longevity and make the coffee taste better.

In our today’s guide, we will explain how to clean the Braun coffee maker. We will let you know different ways of cleaning the coffee maker. Keep reading the below pieces of write up to know the procedures in brief.

How to Clean Braun Coffee Maker

How to Clean Braun Coffee Maker

You can clean the Braun Coffee Maker using a variety of ways. However, we will let you know about the most effective procedures below. Check out the first procedure from below:

Washing the Pot

The Coffee pot is the part of the coffee maker that needs to be cleaned regularly after brewing the copy. Cleaning the coffee pot is pretty easy, especially when cleaned immediately after brewing the coffee. You can use dishwashing soap and warm water to clean the pot. Cleaning the container will ensure that the glass is clean and look new for a long time. More so, it will also resist any accumulation and burn in the glass.

You can give a deep clean to the pot once in a month. It is imperative, especially when you need to use hard water for preparing coffee. Hard water can build a deposit inside the coffee pot, which can make the container look ugly. Such deposits typically do not come off with the usual soap and water solution.

Vinegar can help you to remove the hard water deposits from the coffee pot. Simply add tablespoons of vinegar in the pot and then pour water to the maximum level. Now close the container and shake it around 20 seconds. Then remove the solution from the pot and rinse it with fresh water. If there are any excess residue or vinegar left on the pot, you may clean them off with warm water and soap.

Cleaning the Detachable Parts

Almost all models of the Braun Coffee Maker feature different removable parts, such as the brew basket. The brew baskets can hold the coffees that outflow from the filter while brewing. These coffees can easily mix with the fresh brews and make the taste bitter. So, it is also essential to clean the removable parts, including the brew baskets. You can easily wash the brew basket using the hot water and soap solution.

Fortunately, you can also clean the brew basket inside a dishwasher for easier and efficient results. The parts also require a thorough clean within a while. Fill the device with a vinegar solution and pull the valve to clean the below parts where coffee drips from. This procedure will take a little time, but it can ensure an efficient result by washing the entire piece.

Washing the Interior

Some of the other parts of the machine that you need to clean include the water reservoir and the inner tubing. However, you may not entirely wash the parts efficiently using the soap and water solution. Instead, use a 1 part vinegar and 2 part water solution to clean these components once in a month.

Running such a clean will bring out any cooked coffee particles, mineral deposits, hard water deposits, etc. from the parts. Make sure to brew some pots of regular water to remove the vinegar solutions left inside the machine entirely.

Descaling Process Recommended by Manufacturer

Descaling the coffee machines means removing the mineral buildup inside the machine. When you use the usual tap water while brewing the coffee, different minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. from water pass through the device. These mineral materials can cause limescale in the machine’s heating component. Such deposits can make the coffee taste bad, and also decrease the lifespan of the device.

Descaling the Braun Coffee Maker is pretty easier when compared with the coffee makers from the other manufacturer. There is a built-in mode that lets you automatically descale the device. It also indicates you about the times to descale with an LED that lights up solid green. Here are the actions that you require to follow to run the descaling procedure:

  1. Start with detaching the charcoal water filter holder along with the charcoal water filter. You will also need to remove the gold-tone permanent filter.
  2. The put the carafe in the right position on the keep warm plate. Now click on the Clean button to start the procedure.
  3. If the green LED starts flashing, then it means that the process has started. You can start the descaling program while the LED is flashing by pressing on BREW. Make sure to be fully ready before beginning the process as you cannot stop it once started.
  4. The Green LED will stop when the descaling program is completed. You can remove the carafe and clean it thoroughly with fresh water to get rid of the residue.
  5. Now fill the water reservoir of the coffee maker with 12 cups or a full carafe of freshwater. Then run two complete brew cycles to flush off the stubborn deposits. Make sure to use cold water during each cycle.

Generally, it will take around 45 minutes to finish the cleaning cycle along with rinsing. You may run the cycle several times to find the best result.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Braun Coffee Maker at Its Best

If you want to enjoy the fantastic taste of freshly brewed copy from the Braun Coffee Maker, then implement tips from now on:

  1. Clean and descale the coffee maker device regularly to ensure the better taste of coffee and efficient performance of the machine.
  2. Offer a thorough clean with vinegar solution once in a month to resist the buildup and deposits in the coffee maker.
  3. Follow the given instructions in the user manual to brew the coffee as well as for descaling.
  4. Turn off the machine when it is not in use. Doing so will not only reduce energy usage but also prolong the lifespan of the device.
  5. Clean the carafe as soon as possible after preparing the coffee. Leaving the part uncleaned with coffee will make it unclean as well as develop ugly stains.
  6. Replace the required parts once in six months to ensure the proper taste of the coffee.
  7. Don’t use the detergent or cleaning solution that is marked safe for the device. You may use the specialized coffee maker machine detergent for safe and efficient cleaning.


As you see above, cleaning the Braun coffee Maker machine is not that hard. More so, it doesn’t require frequent cleanup. If you want to keep enjoying the taste of freshly brewed coffee from the device, you should clean and maintain it periodically in the correct way.

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