How to clean Bug Zapper?

Do you have a bug zapper in your house to kill insects? And you used it for some days after purchasing it, and now it’s time to clean it up. But you have no such idea how you will do that.

Well, cleaning it out isn’t that tough. But all that matters is doing it correctly. Otherwise, you can damage that device, and you won’t be able to use it for so long. To clean it properly, let’s see what those easy steps are and how you will use it for getting appropriate results.

How to clean Bug Zapper

What is a Bug Zapper? 

A bug zapper is known as an electronic device that is being used for killing insects. It has an electric discharge insect control system that helps to find the insects and kill them. As we all know, insects are something that annoys, and bite you. Some are even eating your food, damage your furniture, and other important stuff of your house.

When you are living in an area, it’s natural there will be insects around you. And though it harms you and your things as well, you need to kill to get rid of them. And at that time, you will need a device that will easily kill them.

There are different kinds of insects around us. But it won’t be possible to kill all of them with our hands. That’s the reason you need to use a tool that will do it without much trouble. And bug zapper is the one that ensures to kill all of it electrically. That’s the reason why the bug zapper is generally used for.

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How does a Big Zapper work?

Though it is an electronic device, it works through electricity. There is a UV light bulb that helps to grab the insect. The high voltage electrical wire is used for attracting the bugs into it.

There is a plastic or a metal cage that is placed inside the zapper. This cage is used for storing the insects and kill them. Besides, ultraviolet light is being emitted from the fluorescent light bulb. It will help to attract insects easily. Just like they are attracted to the flower patterns because the UV light reveals it. And this technique is also used in the zapper that ensures all the insects are going inside the cage and stuck in it.

Now, you might have some confusion whether it works or not. The answer is, YES! It works. You don’t have to take any doubt about its effectiveness. But the better question should be whether it can kill the most annoying bugs or not.

Well, not all types of bugs can be killed through this device. There are other kinds of biting bugs that are not possible to be killed. But you can kill most of the bugs through the electricity of this zapper.

Methods of how to clean Bug Zapper? Step by step

You saw the working process of this bug zapper. But after killing lots of insects with this device, one thing is compulsory, and that is to clean the zapper properly. Knowing all the facts about cleaning the mess is as important as knowing the process of using it. The reason is, if you won’t do the cleaning process in the right way then you won’t be able to use it for long. It will be damaged, and won’t work properly.

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Besides, as it is an electronic-based device, you need to clean keeping that fact in your head. Let’s get the methods of cleaning it with any further delay. But before proceeding with those steps, you will need:

  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • Canned air (you can use a hairdryer instead of it)
  • Garbage can
  • Liner bag

Step 1: Set your place

At first, decide where you want to do the cleaning process. It would be best if you go outside to clean it no matter the zapper is inside the house or outside. It is unnecessary to clean the zapper somewhere inside the house and make a mess. That’s why you should choose a place outside of your house, and then start the cleaning procedures.

After that, you have to prepare your cleaning supplies. Also, take garbage cleaning can, vacuum cleaner, dryer, and all the other stuff to that place and make these things prepared.

Step 2: Use safety equipment

Safety is a compulsory thing in any procedure. And in the cleaning thing of the bug zapper, you also need to take safety first. That’s why before proceeding with any procedures, put your mask and gloves on.

Besides, you should be safe before doing the cleaning thing because the entire clean-up is full of germs. And inhaling the bad smell of dead insects can be an unhealthy thing. That’s why you must wear that safety mask and gloves if you are going to do the cleaning process on your own.

Step 3: Remove the bugs

Once you are done with all your safety thing, now it’s time to clean the dead bugs. Make sure you unplug the zapper before doing it. Take the tray and clean all the debris with a toothbrush, and transfer it to the trash can.

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You should use a vacuum cleaner to clean the remaining garbage. You can also wipe out all the places by using a paper towel. And if the wiping-out doesn’t work well, then you can use white vinegar instead of water.

Step 4: Replace it

After finishing all the cleaning, now it’s time to replace it in place. Reassemble all the parts together. Make sure no moisture remains on any part of the zapper. Dry it well, and then correctly assemble all the parts.

Lastly, collect all the supplies, and the other equipment and store it properly. After that, plug it in, and that’s all you have to do.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, a bug zapper is used by electricity, and it’s quite effective too. As it is an electronic device, you should clean appropriately. You have to keep it clean when needed. It can extend the life of the device, and you can use it longer than before.

That’s why you should be careful about cleaning it so that you can use it to get rid of harmful and annoying insects and to be protected.

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