How to Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring

Do you have vinyl flooring at your house? If you have then you surely face discoloration situation of it. The reason is whoever is having a vinyl flooring must see the yellowish stains on that floor.

There can be more than one reason for having that problem. But there is more than one solution too for this problem. If you are facing this kind of problem then you have to check out the tricks of getting rid of it. Let’s see what the hacks are and how they work.

How to Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring

Causes of discoloration

If we talk about the causes of discoloration, we will find several sides to it. There are different reasons why the vinyl surface got discolored. Vinyl is something that is a synthetic material. It’s versatile, cost-efficient, and stain-resistant. That’s why you won’t have to take much trouble cleaning it.

Vinyl contains several kinds of harmful toxins like phthalates, lead, styrene, and many more. This kind of floor is affordable and it looks rich as well. But the application of bleach can affect the tile. When you are doing deep cleaning, you might see the bleach stain on the surface. Harmful chemicals can also make the floor yellowish. Though flooring lasts for a long time the harmful applications can ruin the color of it.

When the substrate is installed in the wrong way, the dyes of the bleach make the floor worse. The yellowish stain is caused because of chlorine bleach that is used for cleaning the floor. It has moisture and this moisture is gradually getting into the layers of tiles. That’s how it affects the floor. The sun and heat are also a reason for this discoloration. All the things are responsible for this.

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Cleaning the Vinyl flooring yourself

For doing the cleaning process all by yourself, you can do several applications. You can clean the floor in a regular process. And for that, first, you have to remove all the dirt and debris. You can use a vacuum cleaner for easy-using. Make sure you remove all the food, hair, and other residues as well.

Then take soap water or any other kind of liquid cleanser and wipe the floor out with a mop. You can also use baby shampoo as it is a safe cleanser. Besides, you can do deep cleaning once in 10-15 days. Deep cleaning is not necessary to do frequently. It will also be necessary when there are lots of stains and dirt.

Cleaning discoloration of Vinyl flooring with natural ingredients


To clean the floor, you will need vinegar. It contains harmless products that lightly clean the surface. This is so mild that it won’t harm the tile and also helps to reduce the discoloration.

To make the vinegar solution, take the apple cider vinegar and pour it in a bucket. Add warm water in it and mix it well. It’s ready to be used on the floor. Now take a mop and dip it into the mixture. Then, gently clean the floor. After cleaning it, leave the floor for drying out.

Baking soda

Baking soda is the other ingredient that works like magic. To make a baking soda mixture, take 1/8 cup of baking soda and mix it with warm water. You can also add lemon to it. The amount of lemon should be 1/4 cup. The lemon-baking soda mixture is well-known for removing stains and yellowish thing of any product. When the mixture is ready, apply it to the places where the stain exists. Then leave it for 12-15 minutes and then wipe it out to clean properly.

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Jojoba oil

If you want your floor to illuminate and shine, you can use jojoba oil. And for using it, add few drops of oil in the cleaning mixture. Then do the same technique to clean the floor. To get a mild smell, you can use that oil that has a fragrance in it. You can also use some essential oil in the mixture for getting a better result.

Rubbing alcohol

Take rubbing alcohol and soak a soft cloth in it. Then apply it all over the floor by gently rubbing it. This method is excellent for heavy, pigmented stains. It is useful for cleaning the vinyl floor effectively. It won’t damage anything but clean the surface properly.

Method of Whitening Vinyl Flooring

When you are thinking about the discoloration, you should know that it is not a tough thing to remove. For sunlight and heat of it, the vinyl floor gets stained, and that makes it discolored. There also can be a lot of spots on the floor. All the things can be removed by a little effort. You just have to know the correct process of cleaning.

As you already know, baking soda is a great source of reducing and removing the spot. You can surely count on this method. You can also use lemon and apple cider vinegar with it. These processes are much more effective than regular, harmful bleaching.

Besides, you can use WD-40 for eliminating scuffs. Rubbing alcohol is also a good liquid to remove discoloration. Further, you can apply the steaming process on the surface. It will help you more to remove stains easily. Overall, all of those techniques have wonderful elements that can easily remove the stains and make the floor as new as before.

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Cleaning Vinyl flooring with dish soap

Using dish soap is a good option for easy cleaning. It’s easy to use and available as it can be found almost in every house. To make the solution, take warm water in a bucket, and add dish soap into it.

Then take a mop and dip it in the solution until it will soak well. After that, remove the excess water and then wipe the floor out nicely. Though it is a simple process and you can do it anytime. For deep cleaning, you can add baking soda, vinegar, or any other type of ingredient into this mixture.

Tips to Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring

1. Try to clean the surface regularly.

2. Make sure you won’t use any abrasive cleaner.

3. Avoid any kind of acidic elements because it can harm the texture of the floor.

4. Do not harsh on the floor. If you are using any brush, make sure you won’t scrub too hard with it.

Wrap up

As you can see, we are describing several home methods that are useful and a handful too. You don’t have to go to the stores to buy any harmful bleach. It won’t give you effective results rather make the floor more yellowish than before.

That’s why you should try these tricks to make your floor as new as always. Besides, it’s not tough to maintain cleanliness and decrease the discoloration of the vinyl floor. If it’s not possible to deep clean the floor then use these simple hacks to get the effective results easily.

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