How to Clean GermGuardian Filter for a Fresh and Healthy Home

Do you feel that a strange odor is filling up your house and you can’t find out where it’s coming from? It’s probably coming from your air filter.

And in order to help you get rid of that terrible odor, we have prepared our guide about how to clean GermGuardian filter. If your air filter is dirty, then it could cause serious health issues for the children and elderly living in your house.

If you use your air purifier continuously, then it’s bound to become dirty. That’s why you have to clean it regularly.

How to clean GermGuardian filter

GermGuardian can be difficult to clean, but the following procedures will help make cleaning easier. The easiest way to clean the filter is by washing it with water. It’s as simple as that.

How to Clean GermGuardian Filter for a Fresh and Healthy Home

The filter is easy to take apart and wash with a little warm water. But the procedure has to be done with care. Here are the steps for cleaning a GermGuardianair filter:

  • First, you have to take the air purifier to a particular area away from your living space for cleaning. You should know that if you dismantle the filter in your living room or laundry room, it will contaminate the air with dust and debris.
  • Now, bring your user’s manual and follow the whole dismantling process written on the manual to the letter. This will make sure that you don’t cause any damage to the air filter during the dismantling process.
  • Once you take it apart, use a brush to clean the inner surface of the filter. Make sure you dust off every nook and cranny of the filter.
  • Now take the filter outside into your garden/lawn and turn on the garden hose or hosepipe. Use the hose to clean the dirt and debris away from the air filter. You should keep the water pressure at a medium as highly pressurized water could damage the device.
  • Take the hose to the other side of the air filter and repeat step 4 again. Keep rinsing the filter until you see the water looks clear to you. That would indicate the filter has been all cleaned up.
  • Put the filter in a dry location and leave it to dry for a few hours. It could take a long time, but still, you shouldn’t try to artificially dry the filter as that could cause damage to it.
  • When the air filter is completely dry, follow the installation procedure described in the manual to reinstall it. Switch the device on to check if it’s working properly.
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Your air filter should hold up for a couple of months before it requires cleaning or replacement. And if you think the condition of the air filter is beyond repair, then you should buy a replacement filter.

Don’t just buy any old replacement filter. You absolutely must purchase the original GermGardian replacement air filter.

How to clean a non-washable GermGuardian HEPA filter

The question is, what if your air filter is non-washable? Does that mean, you cannot clean it?

Well, you can definitely clean your air filter even if it’s non-washable. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Unplug the air purifier, take it to the designated place and dismantle it just like before.
  • Take the HEPA filter out of the purifier.
  • Then take each of the filters out.
  • The HEPA filter has some permanent filters that have to be cleaned using cold water.
  • Take your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the air filter. Keep the vacuum cleaner at a lower setting as cleaning an air filter doesn’t require that much power.
  • Once you’re done vacuuming it, take a brush to take out any excess dust that may still be on the filter.
  • Finally, you should reinstall the filter on the air purifier and check how it performs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can HEPA filter be washed and reused?

Yes, if the filter is marketed as being washable/permanent that means it’s possible to wash and then reuse it.

3. What happens if you don’t replace HEPA filter?

The HEPA filter removes dust, pollen, and dander from the atmosphere. If you don’t replace it, the purifier won’t be able to purify the air around you.

4. How do you reset the HEPA filter on the GermGuardian?

Just press the filter change button, and it will let you toggle between the carbon filter and carbon filter.

Final Thoughts 

Your air purifier’s performance completely depends on the quality of its air filter. And your air filter will only work efficiently if you clean and maintain it on a regular basis.

Just use our guide regarding how to clean GermGuardian filter to clean that filter once every couple of months for it to function properly. And that’s all for today. Happy cleaning!

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