How To Clean Glass Top Stove Burnt On Plastic?

Do you need to cook often? And do you have a mess on your glass top stove because of this? Then you must know how to clean glass top stove burnt on plastic

Well, we know that cleaning those kinds of things won’t be an easy task. And the plastic doesn’t want to come out from the surface. 

But you need to do it anyhow. And to solve your problem, we are going to describe some of the effective and easy ways to get the things done. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in!

How To Clean Glass Top Stove Burnt On Plastic

Cleaning Process of Glass Top Stove Burnt On Plastic 

Cleaning all the mess after being done with cooking is a tough part. And if you want to clean the stove and make it like a new one then you have to know about how to clean glass top stove burnt on plastic. So, get the steps well and then apply.   

And for doing this, things you will need are: 

  • Knife or a spoon 
  • Plastic scraper (use razor blade instead) 
  • WD-40 
  • Soap 
  • Baking soda
  • Acetone nail polish remover 
  • Soft cloth 
  • And water 

Step 1: Cooling Down The Stove First! 

First step will be the cooling down the stove. It is because the stove will get hot while cooking. And you cannot do any cleaning process on that hot stove. 

Also, it can be harmful if you try to do it with that stove. It can burn you anyway. 

So, try to leave it for some minutes or an hour until the stove cools down completely. 

Step 2: Peeling 

And when the burner is cooled down properly, now it’s time to peel the plastic off from the stove. At that stage, you might not be able to peel off all the plastic. 

So, try to do this as much as you can. That will help to do the next steps easily.   

Step 3: Scrapping Away 

Now, take a knife for scrapping. A butter knife will be better for doing this. It can scrape the plastic away in a mild way. And that’s why it won’t damage the texture of the glass stove.   

Besides, you can also use a spoon if you have no butter knife around you. It works the same way. 

You just need to scrape it gently. And make sure you won’t make any scratch on the glass of the stove. 

Step 4: Soaking 

After that, take WD-40 and spray it all over the area. Now, let it be there for some minutes. That will help to soak properly. 

But, if you don’t have that, then you can also use olive oil instead of it. That will also be beneficial.  

Soak it in the same way. And leave the stove there. 

Step 5: Scrape Again 

It’s time to rescrape it. At that time, take a razor blade and with the help of it, you can scrape easily. 

You have to make sure of your holding angle. You need to hold the razor in a straight way. So, take the blade and hold it as straight as possible. This will help to avoid scratching on the surface of the stove. 

So, maintain that and steadily scrape the plastic out of the stove. You will see, this helps to get the burnt plastic out without harming the texture of the glass. 

Step 6: Baking Soda Solution 

After being done with the scrapping, you can now use a solution for getting a better result. And to do that, take baking soda and sprinkle all over the surface that you want to clean.  

As you know, baking soda works magically, especially on the tough stains. And when it’s about cleaning the burnt plastic on a glass stove and try to make it like a new one, you can use it for sure. 

So, spread baking soda all over the area and let it be soaked for a generous amount of time.   

Step 7: Scrub Off 

Again, you need to scrub those soaked areas after getting done with soaking. And for doing this, you will need a soft cloth. 

And with it, scrub those areas in a gentle way. The main purpose of it should be the cleaning of the plastic. So, make sure it won’t do any kind of scratch on the surface. 

And by considering these things, scrub the places, and clean all over. 

Step 8: Repeat 

You can consider these steps as the proper cleaning process. You can repeat these steps if you see any stain or plastic that isn’t scrubbed off yet. 

So, at that time, repeat as many times as you want. All you need to be satisfied with the results. That’s why do the procedures again until all the plastics are removed well.  

Step 9: Nail Polish Remover for finishing 

You can stop at the previous step. But you can do one more additional thing. And that is to use nail polish remover. 

It will help to make the stove cleaner than before. All you need to do is soaking. 

At this stage of cleaning, the maximum part of the burnt plastic is removed. So, you don’t need to give a lot of effort now. 

Just take the remover and apply it to soak. Take a cotton ball or a soft cloth or whatever soft textured thing you like, and then soak it with the liquid remover. 

Now, apply at the places where you want a specific cleanup.  

Well, if you use the acetone nail polish remover before, you must knew that it can evaporate quickly. That’s why you must keep using it often to keep the moisture. So, keep reapplying it. 

Step 10: Scrub Again 

After soaking, you have to scrub it again. You can use a regular scrubber for that. And then, start scrubbing it all over the area in a gentle way. 

That will help to get the leftover plastic out from the stove in an easy way. And no scratches will be created because of this technique.   

Step 11: Cleaning 

At this point, you will find most of the places without any kind of plastic on it. So, it will easier to do this. Now, it’s time to do ultimate cleaning. And for that, use a mild soap to clean it perfectly. 

And you will need warm water with it. Mix these things together, and clean all the areas of that stove. Make sure there is no oil, or any other residue exist. 

And in that way, you can get a properly cleaned surface. And after that, you can take another soft cloth, and clean it again by soaking it with water. 

Step 12: Drying 

Now, you can wipe it out to make it completely dry. Also, you can air dry it. Just leave it for some hours and it will be dry naturally.   

And that’s all it is. You can apply these steps, and make the rusty, dirty glass stove a new one.

Pro Tips To Clean Glass Top Stove Burnt On Plastic?

  1. Avoid using a stiff brush on glass stove if you have other options.
  2. Be gentle and scrub the surface but make sure you don’t make any scratches at all.
  3. Use olive oil or any kind of oil to keep the moisture of the stove.

Final Words

There are a lot of methods you can find online. But we are trying to give you some authentic and effective methods that will help you more. 

All you need to know about how to clean glass top stove burnt on plastic. And if you can get the proper idea of it, then you can execute the method well, and get the desired results as well. 

So, get these things well and do as described. You will surely get rid of the tough plastic, and make your glass top stove look like new and shiny!

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