How to Clean Round Hair Brushes

Hair and hairbrush complete each other. You cannot tame your hair without a brush, and a beautiful hair setting makes your look special in your surroundings. If you struggle with tangled hair, hairbrush comes to the rescue. But while setting your hair, the hairbrushes gets dirty as it soaks the hair products, dirt, and oil from the hair, and sometimes your hair comb may get filled with knotted hair. When you use that dirty hair comb again, your hair will build up more dirt, which is not suitable for your hair health. So it would be best if you kept your hairbrushes clean. Though there are different types of combs in the market, here I have discussed the process of how to clean round hair brushes because of the feature. Stay till the end.

How to Clean Round Hair Brushes

Why you have to keep the Hairbrush Clean

The hairbrush is like a sponge that absorbs the dirt and oil from the hair. Your hair contains dead skin cells, hairsprays, conditioners that build up in the hair to make the hair dirty. When you try to detangle your hair, your hair comb will get filled with hairs. If you use this hairbrush again in your hair, your hair will not stay clean. So keeping a hairbrush clean is essential for your hair health and look.

How to clean the round hairbrush

To dry hair and to remove tangled hair, the round hairbrush works well. But it also gets dirty fast with hair dirt and matted hair. To clean the hairbrush, you have to follow some simple methods. Here I have given the steps to clean the hairbrush:

Using baking soda:

Step 1

After every use, the comb gets wrapped up with hairs, especially around the comb barrel. Take a rat tail hairbrush and use the tail to lift the matted hair. Use the tail to lift all the hairs.

Step 2

After loosening the hair from the brush, take a scissor to cut the loose hairs.  Stay careful while cutting the hair as you may cut the brush bristles.

Step 3

Once you start to cut the hair, the other hair gets looser and makes the hair removing task easier. Just use the tail comb’s end, pull the hair and cut. Turn the brush over and over to cut the hair.

Step 4

Now pull the cut hair gently. Don’t pull the bristles as it will cause damage. Make sure to pull out all the hairs.

Step 5

Take a bowl of 1 cup water and mix 1 tsp of baking soda, shampoo. Stir the mixture well. You can use scented shampoo if you want your brush to smell fresh. This mixture is good for plastic and metal combs.

Step 6

Take a toothbrush and wet it with the mixture. Then rub the brush on the hairbrush’s handle, bristles, and spaces in the bristles.

Step 7

After finishing rubbing the brush with the solution, place the hairbrush under the water tap or dip the hairbrush in the water bowl. Wash it until the mixture washes off. Don’t soak the brush and shake it to remove the extra water.

Step 8

Take a clean towel and place the hairbrush on it at least for 2 hours. If you need more, then leave it overnight. Don’t keep it outside as dirt will be built up again.

Using tree oil:

If you have a round wooden hairbrush, then follow the steps given below

Step 1

Clean the hairs from the brush by pulling the hairs after cutting with scissors.

Step 2

Take a bowl with a mixture of 0.5 cups of hot water and tea tree essential oil. Use five drops of essential oil in the mixture and make sure the tree oil is authentic.

Step 3

Use a toothbrush to rub the solution on the hairbrush. Rub gently on the wooden parts of the hairbrush.

Step 4

Shake the hairbrush to remove the excess water. Then take a clean cotton cloth and wipe the whole hairbrush. While wiping rotate the brush to make the dry procedure easy.

Using vinegar:

Step 1

Remove all the hairs from the hairbrush.

Step 2

Take a bowl with warm water and mix half a cup of vinegar in the water. Then soak the hairbrush in the mixture for half an hour. Wait till the dirt and remaining hair get soft and damp.

Step 3

Take a toothbrush and rub the hairbrush. Then wash the hairbrush in the water

Step 4

Wipe the hairbrush with a cotton cloth and dry it.

How many times you have to clean the hairbrush

Before anything, you have to remove the hair clumps from the hairbrush daily. If it is not possible regularly, then wash it 3 to 4 times a week. It is not good to share a hairbrush, but if anyone uses your hairbrush, use sanitizing spray.

Tips to take care of hairbrush while cleaning

  • Before using the hairbrush on your hair, remove all the hair from the brush. Because the hair tends to build up oil in the scalp, and that damages your hair.
  • After each brush try to remove the hairs from the hairbrush
  • While cleaning the hairbrush, wash gently as bristles are delicate
  • Don’t use a finger to scrub the hairbrush. Because it will cause pain in your finger and fingernail.

Final thought

We all love our hair and do anything to keep it clean and shiny. For this, we spend money to improve our lifestyle and using hair care products. But we forget about our hairbrush as it is the essential one that helps our hair to stay set up. So we have to take care of our hairbrush if we want healthy and clean hair. In this article, you will know a lot about how to clean round hair brushes because this hairbrush is quite hard to clean. Don’t worry, follow the steps given above, you will have a new round hairbrush in your hair accessory collection.  

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