How to clean the bottom of shoes to return them

A shoe represents your style and personality. When you get a shoe for your use, you get overwhelmed with the looks and features while picking one option. While choosing the shoe, we often stay confused, and even after buying one, we take the shoe to home with more confusion. The result of this confusion is the shoe doesn’t please you anymore. Suddenly you want another shoe by changing the recent one. Here starts the problem; the shoe you purchased and came home walking is dirty. Obviously, the shop will not take back a dirty shoe. If you are looking for a solution, then go through this article about how to clean the bottom of shoes to return them, it really works.

How to clean the bottom of shoes to return them

The steps of cleaning the bottom of the shoe

As I said before, the shop doesn’t take dirty shoes back even it was purchased half an hour ago. If the shoe is damaged, you cannot think of returning it, but if it is dirt, you can think of returning it. The cleaning process also will work for your old shoes; your shoe will look new. By keeping the sole clean, the longevity of the shoe increases.

Method 1:

You can use the washing powder and baking soda mixture to clean your shoe sole. Before using the combination-

  • If your shoes have dirt, knock the loose dirt off by slapping the shoe. By this, the large dirt will go off. Do the shoe slapping process outside to avoid a mess in the house. To scrap the mud out, you can use a key or knife. Then take a dry brush to scrub the rubber part. Your shoe will not get damaged for excess scrubbing. Using a toothbrush is better and does not use a steel-made bristle brush.
  • You will not need lots of washing powder or detergent and baking soda. Start with a tablespoon and mix; you can add more if you need it. The baking soda works as abrasive for the soap to remove every dirt and dust from the shoe. Make sure your washing detergent doesn’t have bleaching agents.
  • Take the brush and use the mixture solution. Scrub the shoe in a circular motion in the dirty place. You can apply only baking soda as a cleaning solution or use water and washing detergent to clean your shoe.
  • After doing the scrubbing, soak a clean cloth with water and wipe the cleaning mixture from the shoe. Make sure you have wiped the cleaning mixture from the shoe, or else it will damage the shoe fabric.
  • After cleaning the mix with the wet cloth, use a dry towel to dry up the shoe. After drying the shoe, you will see how clean your shoe is looking. If there is still dirt left in the sole, you can repeat the process again.
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Method 2:

You can clean the bottom of the shoe by soaking the sole. All you have to do is:

  • Get a big pan where both your shoes will fit in. Now fill the pan with lukewarm water in the level of your shoes sole as you don’t need to wet your full shoe. Before keeping the shoe in the water, make sure to remove the loose dirt from the shoe.
  • Mix mild dishwasher in the water to clean the sole. You can add little bleach in the water if you don’t want to use a dishwasher in your shoe.
  • Leave the shoe sole soaked for some time. In this time, the dirt will loosen up and will get easy to scrub. If your shoe is too dirty, leave the shoe soaked for more than 15 minutes.
  • Take the shoe and use soapy water while scrubbing. Don’t use steel brush with bristle to scrub the shoe.

Method 3:

 In this method, you can use nail polish remover to clean the shoe sole. You have to:

  • Nail polish remover will not work on mud or colored fabric. But it is good for removing dirt and cleans white shoe sole.
  • Take a cotton ball to apply the nail polish remover on the shoe sole. Scrub the dirty areas with the soaked cotton ball. You may need more cotton balls per the dirt amount.
  • After finishing scrubbing, take a clean cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover and run along the full rubber sole.

Method 4:

Toothpaste works well as a cleaning agent for shoe sole. You will need:

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Method 5:

Vinegar is the best cleanser to work with. You will not need a brush to use the vinegar. Use an old cloth or rag to wipe the shoe with vinegar. After rubbing, wipe the shoe with water then dry up.

Final thought

The shoe is a must-have accessory for every human being. It would be best if you had shoes for every activity like jogging, walking, work, party, etc. you will need different pairs for a different purpose. So you will face confusion while picking the right shoe. Sometimes you may get the wrong footwear, and you want to change it. In that case, you have to return the shoe intake. If you used it, learn how to clean the bottom of shoes to replace them.

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