How to Clean White Shoes with Toothpaste

The white shoe brings a stylish look with every wear. But keeping it clean is a big challenge for the users. There are different methods of cleaning the white shoes, ever heard of using toothpaste? Yes, it works well, especially removing the stains.

How to Clean White Shoes with Toothpaste

So, how to clean white shoes with toothpaste? Let’s find out together through this article.


How to clean white vans with toothpaste

If your shoes are filled with debris and dirt, then the toothpaste will do the work. You will not need many things to clean the shoe. You’ll need:

  1. Old toothbrush
  2. A non-gel toothpaste
  3. Dry cloth

The process of cleaning the white shoes:

Step 1:

You have to get a non-gel white toothpaste to clean the white shoe. Because gel toothpaste is not good to clean with, and it left a stain on the shoe. And choose the white toothpaste instead of the colorful ones.

Step 2:

You will need an old toothbrush to use on the shoe. No need to use any branded one, just a simple old toothbrush will do the work.

Step 3:

As different toothpaste comes with various ingredients, then you have to test the paste on the shoe as it works for the shoe or not. If you don’t test it, your shoe may get damaged. To test, take a small spot, and apply the toothpaste, leave it for 20 minutes. Then wipe the place with a damp cloth. If there is no stain, then the paste is ok for the shoe.

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Step 4:

You will not need to use a lot of paste. Just use a little amount on your brush. Excess toothpaste will damage the shoe. Take toothpaste and scrub the shoe with the brush. You can use a cleaning pad to scrub the shoe.

Step 5:

Scrub the shoe with the brush. You can scrub hard, depending on the dirt, material, and color. But to clean the white shoe, you need to scrub gently, or else it will get scratches. Scrub hard on the spots where it is hard.

Step 6:

After scrubbing the toothpaste on the shoe, leave it for 10 minutes to soak. By this time, the dirt will get loose from the spot. It will be easy to remove with the cloth later.

Step 7:

Take the damp towel and wipe the shoe. This time you may apply force as much as you can. Wipe away all the toothpaste as much as you can. Keep wiping until the dirt is gone.

Step 8:

Take a spray bottle and add soap water in it. You can use the dishwasher soap. Make sure the spray cleaner bottle is cleaned properly, or else it will damage your shoe completely. Mix soap water in a 5:1 ratio.

Step 9

Take a clean cloth and spray the soap water on it. The wipe your shoe with the cloth gently.

Step 10

Wipe the shoe entirely and let the shoe get dry. Take a dry cloth and apply pressure to dry the shoe. Leave the shoe in a dry place for some time. You will see a new clean white shoe after the shoe gets dry.

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I think you have a new clean white shoe after going through this article about how to clean white shoes with toothpaste. It is an easy process to get a shiny white shoe in no time. By using the toothpaste, you can keep your white shoe free from ugly stains forever.

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