How to clean yellow soles with bleach

Wearing white shoes gives you an elegant look. When it comes to cleaning, you may think not to go for white shoes over again. Because maximum white soles turn into yellow bottoms after rough use. We often struggle with yellow soles to bring it back to the original color. You will not face a problem if you follow this article about how to clean yellow soles with bleach. Bleach is best to clean dirt and grime from the shoes easily. I hope the tips will work for you, and you will get back your sole white good as new.

Why white soles get yellow

 The shoes get yellow for some reason like if you stay in the sun for a long time with shoes, the sweat stains and dirt makes your shoe yellow. After washing the shoe, if you leave it in the air for a long time and the soapy water isn’t wiped at all. Then the shoe will get yellow for sure.

Cleaning yellow soles using bleach

Bleaching is good to use in removing stains and cleaning yellow soles. It works like magic in yellow stains. Follow the methods given below:

Method 1:

Method 2:

Tips to keep white shoe sole yellow stain-free

  • Mix bleach and water in equal proportion.
  • Use an old brush with a soft bristle to rub with.
  • Apply the mixture with the brush on the yellow sole and leave it for some time.
  • Then wash it with clean water and wipe it with a cloth.
  • Let the shoe dry up.
  • If you stay a little careful, then you can keep your shoe free from yellow stain. The tips are:
  • Keep your shoe clean always. Before using bleach on the sole, wash it with mild washing detergent.
  • There are different stain removers in the market; you can use them.
  • If the yellow sole gets hard to remove, you can use polish to hide the discoloration.
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Final thought

If your white shoe has yellow soles, your look and style will not be acceptable to your surroundings. So try to keep the soles of your white shoes clean and white. If you have yellow soles, then go through this article about how to clean yellow soles with bleach. The methods are proven, and you will get your white shoes fresh as new.

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