How to clean your car seats with a Few Household products

Our cars are our best companions in everyday hustles. If it gets dirty then it makes your daily commute uncomfortable. So it’s important to keep your car seats clean. And luckily you don’t have to pay costly price to clean your car seats.You can do it easily with just a few household products. So to keep your car clean let ushelp you with somecar seat cleaning hackswith your everyday used household products.

How to clean your car seats with a Few Household products

 You can do it in so many ways. But we will shaare with you some easy ways which are also effective.

How to clean your car seats with a Household products

1.Cleaning your car seats with baking soda:

Though baking soda is an essential for baking but it has the ability to clean and freshen up things, it is a natural deodorizer and it helps to remove stains easily.

What you will need-

Here we will talk about the ingredients you will need to clean your car seats with baking soda.

You will need one fourth cup of baking soda, one cup of hot water, an empty bottle of spray, a big scrub brush and a clean fabric cloth or a towel.

Mix the one fourth cup of baking soda with one cup hot water. Then put it into the spray bottle. Vacuum all the dirt from the car seats.

Cleaning cloth seats:

Cleaning cloth seats with baking soda are super easy and it also deep cleans the car seats and removes the bad odor. Just spray the mixer of water and soda all over the seats. Remember to not spray the mixer a lot. It may fade the color of your cloth seats. Just spray enough to wet the dirt.

After spraying the soda, scrub it with the big scrub brush gently in circle motion. Then wipe the dirt with a clean fabric cloth or with a towel. And also remember to wipe it before it dries. Which will cause the dirt to sit back again. And after you finish wiping the dirt, use a dry towel and gently press it over the seats to drain the wet as much as possible. Keep the windows open and let the air do the rest drying for you.

Cleaning leather seats:

You need to be extra careful to clean the leather seats because the quality of leather is quite different from the cloth seats.

First remove the dirt and dust from the leather seats with a dry cloth or towel. Sprinkle the baking soda all over the seats and let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. Take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the soda from all over the seats. If any hard stain is left sprinkle a little again over the stained area, rub it with a wet cloth and leave it for another few hours. Then wipe it off with a dumb cloth or towel. And finally smooth the area with a dry cloth.

After removing the stain apply some leather conditioner to protect the leather from any kind of damage.

2. Cleaning your car seats with vinegar:

Vinegar has a very strong cleaning power, it is also a good deodorizer, bacteria killer and it also takes care of your car seats fabrics.You will need a very few ingredients to make this cleaner. And you’ll be amazed to see the results. It works like a magic.

What you will need-

You’ll need one cup of vinegar, one cup of hot water and a few drops of dish liquid soap and a spray bottle.

Mix the ingredients together and put it into a spray bottle.

Cleaning cloth seats:

Cleaning your cloth car seats with vinegar is same as you did with baking soda. Spray the mixer all over the seats and use a scrub brush to scrub the dirt and stains. Then with the help of a wet cloth or cold water rinse all the soaps from the seats.Then again with the help of a cloth or towel try to dry the seats as much as you can.

Cleaning leather seats:

The vinegar mixer also works on leather seats. You just need to be a bit careful when cleaning. Do not use a scrub brush. A soft wet cloth will do its best wiping the dirt from your leather seats.

If the smells of vinegar disturbs your nose then keep the car windows open while driving and let the air drain the extra smell or you can add some essential oils with the mixers to avoid the vinegar smell.

3. Cleaning your car seats with detergent:

Detergent is a very used household product. And it has the ability to clean almost anything. You can use laundry detergent or any specific upholstery detergent you want.

What you will need-

Mix some detergent with warm water and take a fabric cloth or a towel.

Cleaning cloth car seats:

Apply the mixer directly on the stain and scrub it with a toothbrush or scrub brush then rinse the detergent from the seats with cold water or a wet towel. Dry the seats with a vacuum or keep the windows open and let the air dry the rest.

Cleaning leather car seats:

First you have to dust free the seats. Then apply the mixer all over the seats with care. Scrub the dirt and stains with a fabric cloth or sponge. Rinse the detergent with water or a towel.

You can also use toothpaste, lemon juice and rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn stains from your car seats but you need to be really careful in using these products because over application of these can damage the seats of your car.


I hope these products will help you to clean your car seats with a Household products and make your car seats look like new again because we know it will. Every one of these products are available in your own house and are very cheap. So you don’t have to spend a lot and will get your desired clean car seats. 

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