How To Clear Your Luminous Energy Field

Luminous energy is the energy that surrounds and permeates everything in the Universe. It is the life force that animates all living things and is the foundation of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The human body is composed of energy fields that are in constant motion and interact with each other to create our reality.

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy, including our thoughts, emotions, and actions. The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our energy field. When our energy field is clear and in balance, we are healthy and happy.

When it is blocked or out of balance, we are more likely to experience physical, mental, and emotional health problems. There are many ways to clear and balance your energy field. One of the most effective is to spend time in nature.

Being in nature helps to ground and center you, and the energy of the natural world is very supportive and healing.

What is the luminous energy field

Your luminous energy field is the energy that surrounds and permeates your body. It is your aura. And it can become murky and dirty just like your physical body can.

So how do you clear your luminous energy field? There are a few different ways that you can go about clearing your luminous energy field. One way is to use visualization.

Visualize a white light or a bright sun shining down on you and washing away all of the negativity and impurities in your field. Another way is to use sound. You can do this by singing, chanting, or even playing music.

The sound vibrations will help to clear away any stagnant energy. You can also use crystals and stones to help clear your field. Place them around you or hold them in your hands while you meditate.

And lastly, you can use your breath.

What are the benefits of clearing your luminous energy field

The luminous energy field (LEF) is the energy that surrounds and permeates our bodies. It is also known as the aura, the human energy field, or the etheric body. The LEF extends beyond the physical body and can be seen as an aura of light around the body.

The LEF is composed of different layers, each with its own vibrational frequency. The lowest layer of the LEF is the physical body, followed by the emotional body, the mental body, the astral body, and the causal body. The highest layer of the LEF is the soul body.

The LEF is connected to the chakras, which are the energy centers of the body. The chakras spin and draw in energy from the LEF. The chakras also help to distribute energy throughout the body.

The LEF can become imbalanced due to stress, negative thoughts and emotions, and trauma.

How can you clear your luminous energy field

When you think about your energy field, or your “aura,” you might imagine it as a white light that surrounds and protects you. But did you know that your aura can actually become murky and bogged down with negative energy? If you’re feeling low, stressed, or just not yourself, it might be time to clear your luminous energy field.

There are a few different ways you can go about doing this. One is to use visualization. picturing your aura as a bright, white light.

See any negative energy dissipating and being replaced by the light. Another way is to use a crystal. Hold the crystal in your hand and focus your energy on it.

See it absorbing any negative energy from your field. You can also use sound to clear your energy field. Singing, chanting, or even just listening to calming music can help to break up any negative energy and allow positive energy to flow in.


Assuming you want a summary of the blog post “How to Clear Your Luminous Energy Field” by Doreen Virtue: The first step to clearing your luminous energy field is to become aware of it. Once you’re aware of your field, you can start to clear it by using techniques like visualization, meditation, and energy work.

Visualization is a powerful tool for clearing your field. You can visualize your field as a white light, or as a bubble around you that’s filled with light. Meditation can also help you clear your field by helping you relax and focus your attention inward.

Energy work, such as reiki or acupuncture, can also help to clear your field. These modalities can help to release blockages and promote balance and harmony within your field. The most important thing to remember when clearing your field is to be patient and consistent.

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