How To Get Chapstick Out Of Clothes?

Do you ever notice a grease stain on your cloth? It can be a chapstick stain. And it makes a lot of trouble if it’s in a color. That’s why you need to know how to get chapstick out of clothes. 

And at that time, you can apply several types of methods. You just need to check the overall processes of it. And according to all these things, you can get the idea of whether you want to execute this method or not. 

So, let’s get right into the description of it and see the detailed procedure.

How To Get Chapstick Out Of Clothes

How To Get Chapstick Out Of Clothes?

There are a lot of methods you can find. But you need to know which one is the perfect one. The reason is, removing chapstick is a bit difficult because of having a greasy texture. 

So, no matter what procedure you use, you should use it in the right way. There are some basic but useful methods that you need to know. The methods are: 

  • Baking soda to soak the stain 
  • Remove with vinegar water
  • Laundry stain remover helps more! 
  • Liquid detergent to wash out well 

As you can see, there are four different methods you can use to remove chapstick from your clothes, you can choose any of them that is available. 

All you need is proper instruction. And to have a complete idea, check out the detailed description that we are going to show you. Let’s see the four different methods and the entire process of it. 

1. Baking Soda To Soak The Stain 

The first method is the baking soda solution. Baking soda is an ingredient that has good properties to soak all the grease of the chapstick. 

And that’s how you can get the stain out of your cloth. But first, know the proper way to use the soda. And to know the exact way, let’s see the overall method step by step. 

1. The first thing will be the application of baking soda. Sprinkle some soda on the stains and let it sit for some time. You need to take a proper amount of it to cover all the stains properly. 

2. After that, take a stiff brush to scrub the area well. And when you scrub the dry baking soda on the stained places, you see the stains start fading away. The reason is the soaking process. 

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3. Keep repeating it until you see most of the stains are coming out. And when you see the differences, then stop doing it. 

4. After doing the scrubbing for a few minutes take all the soda out of the cloth. And then wash it in a detergent solution. That’s enough to get a stain-free cloth. 

2. Remove With Vinegar Water

Another method that you can apply is also easy. And for doing it, you need vinegar. You can use white vinegar as it’s generally available in the house. But, if you can you should choose the dark one. 

The reason is, it removes stains effectively. So, decide what you can do and then apply according to it. 

No matter what ingredient you choose, you need to know the basic technique of using it. And when it’s about removing chapstick stains, you should follow some rules. So, let’s see what these are. 

1. First, you should make a solution. And to make it, you need to mix vinegar and water. That’s the two-ingredient that you need to make a liquid solution to apply on the stains. 

2. So, apply the solution to the cloth. Cover all the places well. Also, shake the mixture well before applying. 

3. After properly applying the mixture, now you need to take some to soak the areas properly. Leave the cloth with the vinegar solution for a few minutes. That helps the stains to get removed. 

4. When you are done with the soaking, now you need to wash it with cold water. You can use detergent to wash properly. Or, you can just rinse it in the running water. 

5. Sun-dry it to make it hygiene. And that is it! 

3. Laundry Stain Remover Helps more! 

Any kind of stain remover will be an effective ingredient. You can choose any of the stain removers that you like. But make sure it ensures a good outcome. 

You can check the reviews to get a proper description of it. Also, you need to check the process that is included in the packaging. To get the proper idea, let’s have a look at the detailed description to know the exact procedures of it. 

1. Firstly, take the cloth and apply the generous amount of stain remover to it. Make sure you apply the remover properly. All the chapstick stained areas must be covered. 

2. Now, take some time to get rid of the stains. Let the remover sit on the stains accurately. And for that, you need to have some patience. Take time, and soak the cloth properly. 

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3. After getting the cloth completely soaked, now you need to scrub the areas well. And for doing it, you need a brush. Do not use hard ones for doing the scrubbing. It can damage the fabric. 

4. Repeat until the stains are gone. And when you see this, at that time, you need to wash all-over the area. Sundry it and have a stain-free cloth like before. 

4. Liquid Detergent To Wash Out Well 

If you don’t have the previous ingredients available in your house, then you can apply the basic method of all. If you apply it properly, then you can surely get better results. 

The other reason for using this process is, you can do it in a shorter time. That’s why you can try it if you are in a hurry. 

To get a better idea of this method, follow the detailed description that we are going to share with you. Let’s dive into it! 

1. First of all, you need to make a solution of liquid detergent. Pour water into a spray bottle. Now, add liquid detergent and mix these two things properly. You can also add vinegar if you want. 

2. Take the bottle and spray the mixture all over the area. You need to spray well. Make sure, there is no place remaining that is not soaked in this mixture. 

3. Let the cloth sit for at least half an hour. The more you soak, the better result you get. So, keep that thing in your mind. 

4. After being completely soaked, now you need to scrub the areas a little. That helps to take the remaining stains out of the cloth. Use a gentle brush to do this process. 

5. Wash out all the excess ingredients with cold water. And lastly, dry it in the sun. 

Be Careful of Some Facts While Removing Chapstick

Not the processes are enough to get rid of the stains properly. You need to follow some of the other rules too. There are some facts that you need to know. 

The reason is, if you can use the techniques, then you can get a better result than before. Not only that, but you also should take the facts and apply it because that protects the fabric from further damages. So, let’s take a look at the methods to get rid of the trouble. 

  • Use a gentle brush, not a stiff brush. It can get the stains away as well as protect the material from damages. 
  • Soak it for a generous amount of time. You can also soak overnight for the best outcome ever. 
  • Try to avoid drying in a dryer. Sundry your clothes if possible because the sun helps to take the remaining stains out and make it a hygiene one. 
  • Avoid using bleach on clothes. It can damage the fabric and cause discoloration too. 
  • Try to use hand gloves to protect your hands from a various solution that you use for removing stains. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove Chapstick stains out of clothes that have been dried?

If you want to know what you can do to remove dried chapstick stains, then you need to know the complete process of it. 
The method is almost the same. You can need to scrape off the dried chapstick stains first. And after that, apply any of the methods you like. Use the liquid solution for it.

How do you get grease out of clothes?

Just like chapstick stains, you can use these methods for grease stains as well. Though both satins are the same, you can apply the method for removing grease stains too. 
And to do it, simply mix baking soda and water and mix these two to make a paste. Now, take the stained area and apply the mixture to it. Leave it for some minutes and wash. It’s easy and simple as well.

Does Chapstick in the dryer ruin clothes?

Yes, if you leave your chapstick with your cloth, it definitely creates a mess. The reason is, it melts in the warm temperature of the dryer. And when it happens, it can stick to the clothes and make a mess.

Wrap Up! 

To sum up, we just want to tell you that no matter what procedure you use, you need to do good research on that. 

Make sure you learn the techniques of it well. And see the contents about it to know if it is effective or not. All you need to know about the entire process of methods and see how to get chapstick out of clothes. 

Also, know how to take care of the clothes to protect it from any kind of damage or stain. And that’s how you can get the stains out of your cloth easily.

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