How To Get Fruit Juice out of Clothes

When you are on drinking fruits and its juices, it will be an obvious thing to have a fruit juice stain on your cloth. But removing it will be a problematic thing. All you need to know about how to get fruit juice out of clothes. 

And if you get the idea properly, then you can also execute it perfectly and have a perfect result out of it. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s get into the process! 

How To Get Fruit Juice out of Clothes

How To Get Fruit Juice out of Clothes

Several methods are available. You can find these online and can use any of them according to it. But the most important thing is to apply the effective method of all. 

And to do that, at first, you have to know which process is the most effective one, and how you can do it. To know more about it, let’s check the proper descriptions first!  

1. Dried Stains

The first method that you should know is the method that can get the dried juice stain out of the cloth. It is a difficult task because when the fruit juice dries out on the cloth, it will get fixed. And at that time, removing the stain of it will be difficult. 

That’s why you need to know the exact and effective process of doing the removing. Let’s check the method to have a clear vision about it. 

Step1: Scrape off 

When the fruit juice is dried out on cloth, it will be difficult to remove. At that time, not only soaking work but also you have to scrape the dried juice first. 

And to do it, you will need a knife. A butter knife or a spoon will be better for this purpose. Take the knife or the spoon and slightly take the dried pulp out of the cloth. 

You need to be very careful while doing it. The reason is, the knife can cut the cloth easily. So, you need to take careful steps if you use a general knife. 

That’s why we recommend you to use butter knife, a scraper or a spoon to do this process.       

Step 2: Flush with Water 

After finishing the scrapping, you will need water to flush out all the excess pulp out of the cloth. And to do that, you can do two kinds of things. You can take water in a bowl, and rinse the cloth with it. 

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Or, you can take the cloth under a running water. That’s how all the residue will be gone with the flow of the water. 

We will recommended you to use the flush motion of water to get rid of the pulp. Make sure you use cold water to do the process. That will help to get the fruit pulp out in an easy way. 

Step 3: Soaking in Warm Water 

Now, it’s time for soaking. And to soak it, you will need warm water. At this time, you need to use warm water because it will help to get the dried stain out of the cloth. And the removing process will be much easier. 

So, to do the soaking, at first, you need to know if the cloth is able to take the procedures or not. 

There are a lot of clothes in different varieties. And not all types of fabrics can take the risk. So, that’s the reason you need to check the labels before doing the soaking and the cleaning. 

For doing the soaking, you will need a bowl to add hot water in it. Then, take the cloth and submerge into it in a nice way. 

Allow it to soak for a couple of hours.  

Step 4: Soaking in Detergent Solution 

If you see the stains are not coming out properly after soaking into the hot water, then you can apply a different technique. And the technique is to make a solution of detergent and water. 

When the stain is severe, using detergent will be an useful solution. And that’s why you need to make it in a proper way. 

To make the mixture, take a bowl and pour some water in it. After that, add detergent and mix it well. You can see the bubbly texture of it. And that means the solution is ready. 

Step 5:   Washing 

Now, you need to wash the cloth by soaking it in the detergent mixture. It will be better if you soak it in the mixture overnight. That will take all the stains out of the cloth easily. 

You can also use warm water at this time. Just make sure the stains are gone. And if you follow the techniques properly then you can remove the stains in an easy way. 

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So, make sure the cloth is nicely soaked and then you can do the next steps. 

Step 6: Drying 

After being done with washing the cloth properly, now you need to dry it well. It is because if the cloth is not dry enough, it won’t keep the hygiene. And to make it germ-free, you need to dry it well. 

And to dry it, you can hang the cloth in the sun ray to become totally germ-free. Also, you can air dry it. That will be also an effective way to dry. 

2. Fresh Juice Stains

How To Get Fruit Juice out of Clothes

When the juice stain is completely fresh, then it will be easier to remove it than before. You just need to follow some basic rules properly and you will be all set to do the stain removing. 

So, to do the removing, let’s check the method and see the steps well. That might give you a clear note about it. 

Step 1:  Flush with Cold Water

At first, you need to take the upper level stain out of the cloth. And to do it, you just need to use water. 

Take the cloth and dip it into the cold water. Then rinse well to get rid of the stains. You can also rub it a little to take the stain out. 

Another thing you can do. And that is to take the cloth under a running water. And the upper level stains will be gone in an easy way. 

Step 2: Make A Solution 

Now, make a solution for removing stains. And to make it, you will need dishwashing liquid or any kind of liquid soap and vinegar.    

Take a bowl and mix these two things together. Make a watery solution of it. So that, it will be easier to soak. 

Step 3: Soaking 

Now, it’s the time to soak the cloth into the mixture. That’s why take the cloth and dip it into the bowl of that solution. 

Soak it for a couple of hours and check if the stains are gone or not. If you see the stains are not coming out, then you need to soak it for a longer time. But if you see no stains on the cloth, then get into the next steps. 

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Step 4: Lemon Juice Application 

If the previous solution won’t work, you can use another technique. And that is to use lemon juice on the stain. 

Lime juice has some good enzymes that can remove spots and stains. So, using it will surely bring some good results for sure. 

And after using the juice and soak it for a few minutes, you need to take the cloth and leave it in the sun to get rid of the stains. 

But one thing you need to consider and that is the fabric. Not all types of fabric can take the lime juice process. So, you have to know about this before doing this step.     

Step 5: Washing 

After applying all the techniques on the stains, now you have to wash all the solutions. And to do it, you will need plain water. 

Just take the cloth and rinse well with the normal water. Make sure no detergent or any other kinds of ingredient will exist on the cloth. So, be careful while doing this. All you need to do is to wash the cloth properly. 

Step 6: Drying 

After finishing washing, now it’s time to dry it properly. The reason is, if the cloth is not dry properly, then it will be unhygienic. Also. It might leave a slight odor. 

That’s why you have to dry it well. Air drying will be perfect for this purpose. So, leave the cloth for air drying. You can also dry it in the sun for better hygiene. And that’s how the cloth will be properly cleaned and germ-free.   

Pro Tips for Removing Juice out of Clothes

  1. Avoid using a dryer to dry the cloth
  2. Make sure the warm water is not too hot that the cloth cannot take 
  3. Do not use laundry soap on the stains directly 

Final Words 

We have shown some of the useful ways of getting rid of the fruit juice and its stains on the cloth. All you have to know is to how to get fruit juice out of clothes in an easy way.     

So, get the ideas properly and apply it as described. You can surely get the better results of it. Let the summer be as cheerful as before!        

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