How to get rid of sperm stains on mattress?

When you are having sex, it’s normal to get messy. Well, it might sound awkward but it’s true. The places will get disorganized and also stained. So, it’s important to get rid of those stains. But some of you don’t know how to do that. And it makes things more confusing. That’s why it’s necessary to know the processes of removing the stains and obviously in a right way.

Sex is fun but cleaning all the things after having all of these things is a real deal. It’s really annoying if the stain of sperm or blood get stuck on mattress. Moreover, it sometime takes more time if the stain got dry. So, cleaning the stains immediately is important.

But what should you do with the stains and how would you do that? Will you wash or bleach it or what? That is confusing and to get over all of the confusions, you need to know the proper technique to remove it. Let’s check the process to be clearer.

How to get rid of sperm stains on mattress

8 Effective Techniques of Getting Rid of sperm stains on mattress

You can find lots of method of cleaning the stains. But the fact is to know the appropriate one. The reason is if you don’t know the proper one and won’t apply the process properly then you can never remove those stains fully and can’t keep that place hygiene. So check the method and apply according to that.

1. Wash when it’s wet

It’s probably not possible to wash off the stains just after having sex. But if you can do it immediately then you can get better results. The reason is that it is easier to remove all the stains when it’s wet. It won’t get stuck to the mattress. So when you rinse off all the semen and wash it in its wet condition, it won’t leave stain.

But if you won’t wash it immediately and leave it for later, it will be difficult to wash off. It will surely leave stains and that will be much tough to get rid of.

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Besides, though it’s a part of the human body, it will behave as the same way as any other element of the body does. That’s why you should try to wash and remove the sperm stains when it’s wet.

2. Soaking process

We all know that when we are going to clean something, it has to be pre-soaked. It is because when you soak the place of the stains, that place absorbs the water and gets wet. And at that situation, it’s easier to remove.

When the stains are fresh, it will be easy to get rid of it. But when it’s dry and not new, it will be tough to remove. And so, soaking is important. When you wash the cloths, the first thing you do is to soak it. Just like the same thing, you also have to soak it when it’s about sperm stains. It will make things easier and remove the stains perfectly.

3. Use need-able amount of detergent

You might don’t trust this fact but it’s true. DO NOT use lots of detergent. Many people might think that it will be effective if you use lots of detergent on the stain. But trust me it’s not true. But what amount should you use? Well, it depends on the elements of the detergent. You have to know it first whether it has optical whitener and enzymes or not. And if it has then you should take the necessary amount of the detergent according to it.

Taking less and need-able amount of detergent is useful because if you use too much of it then the stains might not be washed out properly and it also can cause over-siding. So make sure you won’t use lots of detergent in a hurry.

4. Know your elements and details

Every human body has a different kind of amount of different elements inside it. That’s why it’s necessary to know the elements of it first. Sperm is basically a protein. There are also lots of other ingredients that are present with it. But the protein is the toughest one to deal with. That’s why it’s tricky to get rid of a stain when it’s a stain of sperm.

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And to clean it, you can use hydrogen peroxide. It’s known for removing stains of cloths. Instead of it, you can also use urine remover. That will also be a great idea to deal with the sperm stains because it has the protein-based stains removing technique.

All you have to do is to spray the liquid on the parts of the mattress and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Then, rinse it off well and leave it for drying. That’s all. It’s easy and effective also.

5. Use warm water

Warm water is really effective when it’s about cleaning stains. Specialists says if you soak the stained parts in the hot water and leave it for some time, then it will be much easier to get rid of the stains. So, wash your mattress or bed sheets with warm water and this will bring you better results for sure.

The thing you need to do is to soak it in the hot water and after some time add the remover thing that you prefer for the stains. You will definitely see the better results when you will apply those processes.

6. Use cold water for blood stains

As you can see earlier, hot water is amazing for the stains. But using cold water is also an effective thing that you must try. Simply use cold water to soak the part and let it be for few minutes. Then wash it as usual.

And if it’s about blood stain then it will be easier to remove the stains by using cold water. You can just simply rinse the stains with cold water and then use stain remover. These two things will help you to remove all the sperm stains easily.

7. Use stain and odor remover instead of using bleach

Many of you think that using bleach is the easiest and effective way to remove stains. But when it’s about removing a stain on the mattress, it’s not a good idea to use it. The reason is that the sperm is full of protein. And even you add bleach on it; it will go yellowish instead of removing it.

So DON’T use it at all. It’s also even important to avoid using bleach when it’s a stain on a cloth and mattress. So, make sure you won’t use bleach and just use normal stain remover that is available in the market.

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8. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

There are few options you can have to remove sperm stain on mattress. You can use any of those. But the best option will be to use hydrogen peroxide and also baking soda. Use these elements at home on the mattress for removing sperm stain.

Using hydrogen peroxide is the most famous and easy hack one can ever use. It works like a stain remover and has the power to remove those stains in some minutes. You have to soak the part of the mattress with hydrogen peroxide and let it be for few minutes. Then simply rinse off and then wash as usual.

The other best product you can use and that is baking soda. As we know, it’s one of the best elements that you can use for the removing process.  You can make DIY stain remover with detergent, cold water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Soak it in this baking soda solution for a while and wash it off. It’s super easy and with this process you can get the best results.

Tips For Removing Sperm Stains on mattress

  1. No matter what product you use for the removing process, make sure you won’t use lots of it. Just use less amount of it.
  2. Soak and rinse it; that is the process. But you can do this process more than once if needed.
  3. Bleach is not a safe option but you can use it for some of the certain fabrics.
  4. Don’t forget to dry it out nicely after washing it. The process will be completed fully when you finish drying it. Also, drying out the parts can help to reduce the stain. So, it’s important to dry those areas as the finishing.

Final Thought

There are lots of techniques that we taught you in the previous section. No matter what technique you apply for removing the sperm stain but make sure you will do it in a right and safe way.

Having sex is fun so doing make it complicated by doing wrong things while cleaning up. Moreover, the safety is important. There will be lots of products you can use it on the stains but you must choose the most safe one. It is because nothing is more important than the safety of you and your body. Furthermore, you should check on the hygiene fact. Take any of those techniques to remove sperm stain that has the most powerful quality to keep things hygienic. So, keep that thing in your mind.

Don’t bother much, clean it properly and have fun!

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