How To Make Popcorn Without a Microwave

At this moment you are willing to eat popcorn, but you have no microwave nearby to cook. So, what’s the way? Don’t be upset. Because I have easy and quick solutions for you. Follow me if you want to solve this problem within a few seconds.

How To Make Popcorn Without A Microwave

How to Make Popcorn Without a Microwave

Making popcorn is an ingesting matter if you know its various processes. Because most people usually use a microwave to make it. But without using this instrument, there are various ways and easy steps. Moreover, another process is cheaper and easier than the microwave. So, let’s gather various experiences to make popcorn without a microwave. 
How many ways to make popcorn without a microwave 
There are several ways to make popcorn without a microwave. Generally, there are four ways such as stove, electric popcorn maker, campfire and Whirley popcorn methods are well known to all. They are described below.

Make popcorn on the stove

Making popcorn on the stove is one of the famous methods. Because it takes less time but the output is pleasuring. Now you can try this method.

Essential ingredients:
• One-piece heavy and strong bottomed pot
• Cooking oil such as extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, canola or other vegetable oil
• 2 or 4 cups quality popcorn kernels
• 2 or 3 more butter oil
• Tasting salt

Method of making:

1. Getting ready your stove:
• Bring your stove and check if fuel is full of it for cooking.
• Clean the stove.
• Set your stove and be ready for excitement

2. Clean and clear pot:
• Take a 4 – or 5-liter saucepan pot 
• Clean and clear it
• Dry the pot if it wets.

3. Heating oil:
• Take one quarter olive oil of the saucepan
• Now heat the oil 
• If butter or coconut is stiff wait until it melts
• Heat oil about 5-6 minutes

4. Ratio measurement
• For the seven members’ families, use 170 gms to 200 gms popcorn kernels mix with 110 ml virgin olive oil or vegetable oil. It will make 18-20 cups of popcorn.
• For a small family like 2/3 person, use 1/3 cups popcorn kernels mix with 40ml to 50ml vegetable or olive oil. It will be about 7-8 cups of popcorn.
• Never use over oil which is unnecessary. Because it is unhealthy and fatty. 

5. Cover the pot and wait
• After heating oil, you should mix popcorn kernels. 
• Then wait for sometimes.
• Cover the pot for 40 to 50 seconds.
• Rotate the pan one more time to mix oil properly with popcorn kernels.

6. Toss the pot
• You need to shake the pot
• Use your two-hand for tossing properly.
• After one minute it will be piping

Electric popcorn maker

The electric popcorn maker is a modern electric machine to make standard quality popcorn. It has a very simple and easy way. However, it can be used as the alternative of a microwave. There are some simple steps to use an electric popcorn machine. They are as follows:

Essential ingredients:
• Popcorn machines or Air-popped popcorn
• Vegetable oil or coconut oil.
• Butter oil
• Tasting salt.
• Curry mix masala pack.
• A big bowl
• Spoon

Method of making

The use of an electric popcorn machine is very simple. So, you can follow the below instructions.

• Put some popcorn kernels into the popper. You may take one cup kernel for one or 2 persons 
• Then mix 5-6 Tbs coconut oils with kernels by a spoon. You also can mix butter oil.
• Next, go to the electric switchboard and plug the popper
• Switch the popper add oil and wait for sometimes until heat. 
• When it will be heated, outpouring all the popcorn into the popper.
• No need to shake the poppers and it will turn off automatically
• Unplug the socket and Open the cover of the popper
• Bring out all the popcorn and put a big bowl 
• Finally mix tasting salt, curry mix masala and serve it.

That’s all of the processes. But it is a costly system. 
Campfire popcorn

The old fashion of making popcorn.

So, there are very simple steps and processes.

Essential ingredients:
• Popcorn kernels
• Coconut oil or vegetable oil
• Aluminum pot or foil paper
• Tasting salt

Method of making:
There are very simple methods. I think a child can do it. What to do?
• Arrange a campfire at any safe place.
• Take some popcorn kernels into the pot or foil paper
• Add some vegetable oil with it
• Put his on the fire and wait for it piping
• Bring out them and disclose if it foils paper
• Be aware because it is very hot
• Mix tasting salt with it as you need
• Then enjoy.

This is an easier way to make popcorn without a microwave.

Whirley popcorn
Whirly is one kind of popcorn cooking machine. Actually, it has manual use. So, not difficult. Let’s how to make by using this simple machine. 

Essential ingredients:
• Popcorn kernels
• Vegetable oil
• Stove
• Salt
• 1 spoon

Method of making:
• Firstly, collect and arrange all of the ingredients together
• Then, open and remove the cover of the machine.
• Put 1 cup of popcorn kernels into the Whirley machine.
• Now mix one or two spoons oils and shake and lid the cover
• After that fire the stove and put the machine on the burner of the stove
• Heat the machine at 40-60 degrees Celsius 
• And now stir all kernels 180 seconds
• When the kernels will be cooked then stop the stove
• Remove the lid and confer it on a big bowl as usual
• Mix some tasting salt and serve.
This system is easy but risky of fire.

Making the difference which is better:

Above four methods, every method is very easy and economical. But we can identify that campfire popcorn making is better than all others. Because, it is cheaper, easier and less time taker. To apply this method, you no need any metal pot or instrument. Moreover, it can be arranged at any place. The microwave is also an easy method to cook popcorn but it is the concern of rich people.

Which process is beneficial and nutritious?

It is very simple that the campfire process is beneficial and nutritious than others. Likewise, the electric popcorn process is less healthy for all. Because it is an electrical process that is always harmful as usual. Moreover, it is a costly and risky process. Though, it has an automated system to protect from electric shock.


Most people like easy and less trouble in their life. If it relates to making popcorn, there is no word to say. Though popcorn making is not a big fact anyway, sometimes it makes us discomfort if we have no microwave.

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