How to remove adhesive from hardwood floors

Hardwood floor makes the house beautiful, and most of the house owners try to install this expensive floor. But some homeowners use carpet to cover up the floor. When we try to rip up the carpet or cover, we will face sticky adhesive all over the floor. Now how to remove adhesive from hardwood floors? You will get a solution from this article. So stay till the end.

How to remove adhesive from hardwood floors

How to remove adhesive from hardwood floors

What you will need

For many reasons, people may use covers like linoleum or carpet to cover the hardwood floor. After removing the cover, you may get anxious about removing the glues from the floor. Don’t get stressed; just follow the steps given below to remove the glues from the floor.

The things you’ll need:

  • Towels
  • Heat gun
  • Commercial adhesive removal
  • Peanut butter
  • Dry ice
  • Clean cotton cloth

Step 1

Before removing the adhesive from the floor, you have to clean the floor with water and soap by scrubbing. By this, you can remove a good amount of dirt, oil, adhesive from the floor.

Step 2

To remove the glue substance from the floor, you can try to use peanut butter, especially the organic one. Use your finger to apply the peanut butter on the area in a circular motion. The glue will come up in the form of tiny balls. After finishing applying the peanut butter, you can wipe the butter with soapy water and old cloth. It works.

Step 3

Take a pot with water and boil it on the stove. You can use an electric kettle also to boil the water. Use old towels to soak in hot water. Then use the damp, wet cloth on the adhesive area. Let the warm cloth heat up the adhesive. By this, it will loosen up the stickiness. Leave it for 3 to 5 minutes. Then wipe the area with the towel; you will see the melted adhesive is coming out. Use the scraper to scrub out the remaining adhesive. Make sure to scrub the floor gently.

Step 4

Use a heat gun to remove the glue from the floor. The heat of the heat gun heat ups the glue; by this, it gets easy to remove. You have to use an extension cord to plug the heat gun and use it on the area. While giving heat, you have to give heat closely. Apply heat until you see the glue is melting. Use an old cotton towel to wipe the melted glue. You can re-heat the glue and wipe with the cloth again. After finishing wiping, use the scraper to lift the leftover glue from the floor.

Step 5

If your floor has tough carpet glue, then you can use commercial glue remover. They are available in the market. Before applying the glue remover product, you have to wear masks, eyewear, and gloves to stay safe. Before applying the glue remover, you have to test whether it works or not in a small area. If it works, then proceed. Pour the product on a sponge then apply it on the wood per the packet instruction. Then leave the floor with the adhesive remover to loosen up the glue. Then use the scraper gently to take off the glue from the floor.

Step 6

Using dry ice is a popular method. You have to use gloves and eyewear before using the ice. You will get dry ice in grocery and hardware stores. Take a metal tray and place ½ dry ice on it. Then place the tray with the ice on the glue area and leave it for 1 minute. The ice will first dry up the glue then crack it later. Then use the scraper and remove the cracked glue from the floor.

Final thoughts

A floor with glue substance makes you upset with the look. Do ring the fresh look back of the beautiful hardwood floor; you have to know how to remove adhesive from hardwood floors. These methods help to get rid of the adhesive from the floor once and for all. So don’t feel distressed when you see the floor of your home with all this stickiness. Just use any cleaning steps, and you will have a beautiful house in no time.

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