How To Remove Feces Stains From Underwear?

Having feces stains on underwear looks terrible. Also, it will create odor too. That’s why you must know how to remove feces stains from underwear

And that’s how you need to get an idea of it first before using it. Also, check the sanitizing process of it to get a completely cleaned underwear so far. 

Let’s see different kinds of methods, and the using procedure of it too. 

How To Remove Feces Stains From Underwear

How to remove Feces, discharge stains from underwear

Having a lot of methods in your hand is possible if you search for it. And you can use any of these things if you need to remove feces instantly. 

You just need to know which one will be the perfect method for removing the feces from underwear. Learn the process of how to remove feces stains from underwear

And for that, check the details of the methods first.  

Method of using Baking Soda:

The first one is the baking soda method. As you all know, baking soda is a cleaning ingredient that helps to take any kinds of stains out in an easy way. 

And that’s why you also use it for removing this kind of stain too. You just need to know about how you are going to use it. Let’s see the method step by step. 

Step 1 

The first that you need to do is to clean the excess poop if there is any. It would be a terrible thing to do, but you must do ot first. 

And when you are cleaning it, then you can move on to the next procedures. 

Step 2 

After that, you need sprinkle some baking soda. And do it when the underwear is wet. Sprinkle all over the area so that, all the places will be covered well. 

Step 3 

And after applying in a nice way, now you need to scrub it off. And for doing it, you will need an old toothbrush. You can also use any scrubber if you want. 

Now, scrub all over the area in a proper way. It should be done appropriately so that, all the stains can be gone. 

But one thing you need to be sure, and that is to use a brush that has  soft bristles. That will help not to damage the material.      

Step 4      

After finishing the scrubbing, now you can see the stains are gone. And at that point, you need to do the final step of it. 

And that is the sanitizing. As it’s about inner wear, it should be properly sanitized. And for doing it, you can use any kind of fabric sanitizing product that you will find at any store near you. 

Step 5 

Also, you can dry the underwear in the sun. The sun-dry process will also help to sanitize the fabric naturally. So, do these steps properly.    

Method of using White Vinegar:  

Vinegar is also an another element that helps to find out the stains, and remove it. The entire process is easy to use. 

And that’s why you have to be sure if you have vinegar or not. You can also use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar instead. It can also remove stains effectively. 

To know more about it, check the whole process first. 

Step 1 

The first step will be arranging the ingredients. If you don’t have vinegar, then you can also uae apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice instead of it. These two works in the same way. 

So, arrange according to your availability of elements. And then think about applying it. 

Step 2 

Now, it’s time to make the solution of vinegar. Take a spray bottle and pour some vinegar into it. You need to know the measurements. And that’s how mix vinegar with water. 

And in that way, the mixture that you are going to use on the stains is ready. 

Step 3 

After making the solution, now you need to apply it on the stains. Spray well on all over the area. And then leave it there to soak in a proper way. 

Step 4 

After soaking for some time, you need to wash it properly. There should be no residues remaining. 

Step 5 

Rinse with cold water. The underwear should be properly rinsed. And after that, squeeze it to get rid of the excess water. 

And then you need to sun dry it to ensure the sanitization. And it is enough for having a stain-free underwear.                  

Method of Using Vodka:

Not only as a drink, but also as a cleaning solution, you can use vodka. It is an amazing ingredient. It us because it has the properties to remove the stains as we as odor of it too.       

So, you can try this method to see if it’s working on your situation or not. So, let’s get right into the procedures step by step to know clearly. 

Step 1 

Before using vodka, you can soak the cloth in warm water. It is totally optional. But to give the stains another reason to remove, you can surely do it. 

Step 2 

Take vodka in a spray bottle, and apply all over the stained places. And after covering all the areas with vodka, now you need to soak it for a while. 

Step 3 

After a while, take the cloth, and wash as usual. If you see there is a little bit of stain that still remains, then you need to scrub it off. 

And that will take all the remaining stains out of the underwear in a proper way. And you can have a properly cleaned underwear by drying it in the sun.                         

Pto Tips 

  • You should take the cleaning process as soon as possible  
  • Use gloves for a better safety of your hands 
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing 
  • Do not use bleach on underwear 
  • Avoid using dryer if possible  

Final Thoughts

We are trying to give you the entire processes of those methods that you can apply for removing feces stains. All you need to know about how to remove feces stains from underwear

And if you can know all the details, then it becomes easier to work with it. And you will surely get better results for sure. 

Also, check the hygiene factor as it’s about inner wear. Maintain all the things, and execute any of the methods according to it.

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