How to Remove Front Cover of Window Air Conditioner

Are you wondering about how to remove front cover of window air conditioner? Sounds tricky, right?

Typically, window air conditioners come with two different covers that protect the internal components of the AC. The front cover’s task is to protect the front part of the AC. In fact, it’s the part that you see from inside the room.

The outer cover, on the other hand, protects the AC’s internal mechanisms from the outdoor elements. The process of removing the front cover of your AC is fairly simple and requires you to remove some screws on the front. But the process will mostly depend on the brand and model of your AC.

Keep reading to figure out how it’s done.

How to Remove Front Cover of Window Air Conditioner


How to Remove Front Cover of Window Air Conditioner

The process is a bit hard to explain verbally. But we will try our best. At first, you should go and fetch the instruction manual for your window air conditioner. There is no doubt that it contains detailed instructions to remove the front cover of a window AC.

Once you have gotten the manual and the tools needed, you are ready to start. Check the manual to figure out where the front screws are located. There are usually two screws that connect the front cover to the AC. If you are having trouble locating the screws, check online by searching the model’s name of your AC.

Now, let’s look at the steps that you’ll have to take:

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(1) First and foremost, you have to turn the AC off and then unplug it from the power outlet. Doing maintenance work on the window AC while it’s plugged in is extremely dangerous.

(2) After that, you must remove the control knob of the AC using your fingers. Then check for the screws located near the control-knob.

(3) Now you have to remove the screws. Take a Phillips screwdriver and start undoing the front screws of your window air conditioner.

(4) Take care to not take any sharp tools or metal objects out from the back of the window air conditioner.

(5) Lift the front cover up and take it away from your air conditioner. And then unhook the top part of the cover and completely remove it.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve found our analysis regarding how to remove front cover of window air conditioner helpful. As you can see, the process is quite simple and it only requires you to remove a few screws and that’s all.

However, that does not mean that you can do it on a whim. You must be extra cautious while removing the front cover of your window AC. That’s because if you’re not careful enough, that might cause the cover to break or cause damage to the AC. And you surely wouldn’t want that.

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