How To Remove Lip Gloss Stains?

If you use lip gloss in a regular basis, then you might face a problem of getting stains of it. And in that case, you need to know how to remove lip gloss stains

And according to that, you have to know the methods of doing it first. The reason is, if you know the methods of it, then you can execute it in a proper way. 

So, know the methods first. And to know it, let’s check all the methods in steps, and then decide what you want to do.

How To Remove Lip Gloss Stains

How to get lipgloss out of lips, couch, carpet and washed clothes

Several methods are available. But all you need is to take the perfect method according to your situation, and the kind of stain you have. 

That’s why you need to know all the methods that are effective. And do the steps according to it. Know how to remove lip gloss stains, and then get right into the steps to know the details. 

Method 1: Detergent 

Cleaning the lip gloss stain with detergent is a nice way. It will be easy to work with the stains  as well. So, you can take this technique, and that’s how solve all the problems well. 

But you need to do it in a certain way. See what the steps are. 

Step 1 

Wipe out as much stain as possible if it is a fresh stain. It will be easier to take the upper level stains in an easy way. 

And if the stains are dry, apply scrapping. Take a knife, or a spoon, and scrape off the excess in a nice way. 

Step 2 

After finishing the scrapping, now it’s  time to make a solution of detergent. Take a bowl and pour warm water, and detergent together. 

Stir it well to let the detergent dissolved in the water. 

Step 3 

Now, apply the detergent mixture on the stains. After that, let the stains to sit for a few minutes. Soaking is important. 

And when you are soaking with warm water, you will surely be able to remove all the stains properly. 

Step 4

After soaking the areas, now you can scrub the areas a little if you need that. And for doing that, take a scrubber. You can take an old toothbrush instead. 

And then you need to focus on the scrubbing. Make sure the scrubber you are using is not stiff. And gently scrub the entire area well. 

Step 5 

The final step will be the rinsing. Use cold water for rinsing the stained place to remove the excess solution of it. 

After that, leave it in a dry place to air dry it. 

Method 2: Dry Cleaning 

If the material is delicate, you can use dry cleaning method. But you need to be careful of the facts of using it. 

So, that’s how You need to know the method well. Check the steps first. 

Step 1 

The first thing to do is to spray the dry cleaning solvent on the stains. Apply it on all over the area well. 

And make sure the stains are completely covered with the solution. 

Step 2

Make sure, you apply the ingredient on the places well. And then, take a blotting paper to blot the solution away from the surface. Make sure the dry cleaning solvent is perfectly soaked. 

Step 3 

You cannot get the stains removed in just one blotting. You need to keep repeating the methods until the stains are gone..

Step 5 

Now, when you see the stains are gone, at that moment, you need to rinse the overall cloth well. Use cold water to do it. And after that, dry it in the air. 

But if you don’t want the cloth to clean with water, then just dry in a dryer. Or, just air-dry it. 

Method 3: White Vinegar 

White vinegar is a good option to remove any kind of stains. The reason is the good properties of it that makes the stains weak. And that’s how you can get rid of the stains well. 

So, get the steps of using this element first. 

Step 1

Make a solution first. Take all the Ingredients arranged in a place, and then make the white vinegar mixture. 

And to make it, you will need a bowl. Now, pour about one tablespoon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of liquid detergent, and two cups of warm water. 

Mix all these things together, and then the mixture will be ready. 

Step 2 

After that, apply the solution on the stains with the help of a sponge. Now, blot the stained areas well. Make sure all the areas are soaked in a proper way. That will give you a better outcome. 

Step 3 

Now, let the stains to get absorbed in the cloth. That’s why you need to take time for soaking. Amd after being done with that, now you need to scrub it. 

And for that, use the same method than before. Take a toothbrush, and gently scrub the entire area well. 

Step 4

Now, you can use a detergent solution to clean all over the area. Or, you can just simply rinse it with plain water. 

And after being done with the steps properly, take the cloth, and dry it in dryer. Or, just air dry it naturally. 

Method 4: Stain Remover 

Using stain remover is the proper way to remove gloss stains if you want it instantly. But know the method in a proper way if you want the proper outcome of it. 

And for doing that, check the proper ways of it step by step. 

Step 1 

Take the cloth, and then apply the stain remover on it. Apply it on all over the areas well. 

Step 2 

After that, take a scrubber, or any other kind of brush like toothbrush. And scrub all over the areas well. 

Step 3

Now, let the cloth to be soaked properly. And that’s why you need to take some time to soak properly. 

Step 4 

After done with the soaking, scrub the areas once again to get the stains clear. And after that, rinse the cloth well to remove the excess product on that. And then, air dry it. 

Pro Tips Removing Lip Gloss Stains

  • Make sure you won’t drag the stains from one place to another while wiping out 
  • Use hairspray to remove the stains instantly 
  • You can also use lime juice if you have no vinegar available 
  • Use acetone or alcohol instead of stain remover 
  • Avoid using bleach if you have other options 

Wrap Up 

We have described how to remove lip gloss stains as simply as possible. You can apply any of these methods if you want. 

These methods are easy to apply. So, you can use any of the methods to remove the gloss stains instantly. But you need to make sure that you know all about the method well before executing it. 

And according to that, apply the entire process well. You will surely get a stain-free cloth for sure. 

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