How To Remove Lipstick From Carpet?

Removing any kind of stains is easier to remove if it’s on cloth. But things will be difficult if the carpet stains. 

You cannot take the carpet and wash it out easily. You need to take proper steps for you. And to take proper steps, first, you must know how to remove lipstick from the carpet.

There is a lot of methods that you can find. Let’s find out some of the effective ones.

How To Remove Lipstick From Carpet

How To Remove Lipstick From Carpet – 5 Easy Methods

You already know that lipstick stains stay for a long time. That’s why you have to be careful while removing the stains of it. And before doing anything, you must do good research on that. 

You cannot take any decision and do as you like. You must know which methods work better. And for getting a better idea about it, we have prepared some of the good methods that will be effective too. 

So, let’s check the processes first before doing anything to the lipstick stains. And the methods we are going to describe are: 

  • Degreaser 
  • Stain Remover 
  • Dry Cleaning Fluid 
  • Laundry detergent & Vinegar 
  • Rubbing Alcohol 

Method 1: Degreaser

As you know that lipstick is made of grease. That’s why you need to take an ingredient that has the ability to cut off the greasy texture of the lipstick. And the ingredient is degrease. 

You can find a degrease in any store near you. You just need to get the proper one. And then apply it on the stains accordingly. Let’s see the overall method without wasting much time. 

1. The first thing that you need to do is to apply the degrease on the stains. Apply a generous amount of degrease on the stained carpet surface and cover all the areas well. 

2. After that, take a few minutes to soak the degrease properly on the surface. It helps to cut off the oil and grease of the lipstick. And that’s why it will be easier to get the stains out. 

3. After being soaked for some time, now take a soft towel for blotting the areas. Start the blotting by pressing the towel to the surface. Make sure the color doesn’t spread to the other sides of the carpet. 

4. Repeat the process if you think that it’s needed. If the stains are not properly gone then apply the degrease and blot the place again. 

5. And when you are done doing that then you need to air dry the surfaces properly. And that’s enough to get a stain-free carpet. 

Method 2: Stain Remover

The other method is the simplest of all. And it’s the stain remover method. You can use any kind of stain remover to remove lipstick stains from the carpet. You just have to be sure about one thing that it has a grease remover element in it. 

If you can find that one, then you can easily use it for removing lipstick from the carpet. So, let’s see what the proper method of it. 

1. The first thing will be getting to know all the instructions that are described in the packaging of the remover. Know all the consequences and then apply them accordingly. 

2. Now, take the remover and spray all over the area. You need to apply properly. Make sure no stained places are absent. Spray on the surface properly. 

3. Now, take some time and let the stains to be degreased. Leave the places for about 15-20 minutes or even half an hour for getting better service. 

4. After that, take a cloth or a sponge and blot the areas to soak all the remover well. And at that time, you can see the difference. The stains are coming out. 

5. But not all the stains come out in a single application. That’s why you need to repeat the processes. 

6. And when you see that all the stains are gone and there is no visible stain present, at that time, you need to dry it. You can dry by using an electric dryer or a hairdryer. And if you have nothing like that then simply dry in the air. 

Method 3: Dry Cleaning Fluid

The dry cleaning fluid is also a good ingredient to remove lipstick stains from carpet. The reason is it has ab ability to remove any kind of stains and even grease too. That’s why you can use it for removing lipstick stains.  

But you need to know the proper process of it. So, take some time and know the overall process of it. 

1. First of all, you have to be sure if you can use the dry cleaning fluid on the fabric that you are going to use. It is because not all types of fabric can take the properties of it well. So, make sure of that thing before getting into the method. 

2. If the product can be used on your carpet, then you can now get into the application of it. Take a generous amount of fluid and pour it on the stained places. You should use not much and not less of it. Use it in a proper amount. 

3. Now, leave it for a few minutes. Do not soak for a long time but keep it for a few minutes to soak. 

4. After that, take a towel and blot the areas well. You can the stains are starting coming out. 

5. For getting the best result, you must repeat the process. Again pour some of the fluid on the stains and blot. 

6. The last thing would be the drying. Air-dry the area as usual or use a hairdryer for instant drying. 

Method 4: Laundry Detergent & Vinegar

If you don’t want to use any kind of chemicals on your carpet, then you can use some natural ingredients that are also useful for removing lipstick stains.  

All you need is to know what the best natural ingredients are and how you should mix the ingredients properly. We are going to share two of the ingredients that are useful and effective too. 

And those are vinegar and laundry detergent. Vinegar helps more to remove the stains easily. And laundry detergent helps to clean overall fabric. 

So, both ingredients work great. You just need to know the entire process. And for that, check the method step by step. 

1. Take a spray bottle to make the solution in it. Then, take laundry detergent and vinegar and mix these two things. Add some warm water to it too. Shake the mixture well to make a complete solution. 

2. Now, spray the mixture on the stained places. You have to be sure that you cover all the areas well with this solution. 

3. And after covering all the areas, now leave it for some time to soak properly. 

4. After soaking properly, you have to blot the areas well like the previous methods. And for blotting, take a towel and press it on the surface. 

5. Do the process again until you see the stains start fading out. And, last but not least air dry it. 

Method 5: Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can be an alternative to the stain remover. If you don’t have stain remover around you, then you can use rubbing alcohol instantly. It also gives you the proper outcome and you can get the stains out too. 

Let’s see the overall technique of applying rubbing alcohol for getting a better result. 

1. First of all, take a cotton pad and soak it with rubbing alcohol. Now, apply it to the spots with the help of a cotton pad. 

2. Now, take a few minutes to soak. That’s how alcohol gets into the fabric and takes all the stains out of it. 

3. So, take some time to soak. And when you are done with the soaking, you can not blot the areas. And at that time, you see how the stains are starting to come out from the surface.  

4. You should repeat the processes if you see there are still stains remaining. And when the surface perfectly cleaned, now dry the area with a dryer. 

Why you Should Be Careful Of While Removing Lipstick From Carpet

There are several things that you have to be careful about. And when it’s about stain removing, then you should be more aware of everything. Otherwise, it might create the opposite that you want. 

So, check the things that are important to know while doing the stain removing process. 

  • Try not to use any chemicals. It might be harmful to the people and especially for the children as they usually play on the carpet 
  • Air-dry naturally and try to avoid any kind of artificial drying. 
  • Try to remove the stains as soon as possible because if it’s too late then you cannot get the stains out easily 
  • Keep the carpet clean so if there are still any stains exist, it will gradually remove day-by-day. 

Final Thoughts 

As you have seen earlier that there are different types of methods that we described. You have to know all the things properly before doing any procedure on the stains. 

And after getting an idea of the methods, then you can decide what procedure will be better for the stains you have. All you should know is how to remove lipstick stains from carpet

For removing lipstick stains, you can simply use degreaser because it surely brings you better results as it has the ability to cut off the grease of the lipstick. 

So, get all the information done and then decide what procedure you want to apply on the stains. Hopefully, you get your desired results. 

Meta Description: Are you getting stains on your favorite carpet and you cannot figure out what you should do? If you are then learn how to remove lipstick from the carpet.

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