How To Remove Red Clay Stains From Concrete?

Anything from the concrete will be tough to remove. The reason is the material of it. The red clay shows when there happens heavy rainfall.

Concrete absorbs the red clay and it goes into the pores easily at that time. And if it stays for a long time then it will create stains. So, at that time, you need to remove it as soon as possible.

And for removing, you need to know about how to remove red clay stains from concrete. And to know the application of it, let’s check the method in detail.

How To Remove Red Clay Stains From Concrete

How To Remove Red Clay Stains From Concrete

Several methods can be found but you have to apply that one that is effective. And generally using a red clay stains remover is effective.

Different people use it in a different way. It is an acidic cleanser and it can be used for this purpose.

Also, it is a chemical cleaner with a hint of mechanical combination. And that is powerful to wash out all the red clay and its stains.

So, it can remove red clay stains easily. But one thing that you should be careful of and that is to know the process of using it. The reason is, not all acid cleaners are the same.

That’s why you have to know how to remove red clay stains from concrete in an easy way. Check the details and the method step by step for more information.

Step 1

For doing this process, you need to use hand pump sprayer. The reason is, it will make bubbles and that will help to throw the clay out of the concrete quickly. 

So, make sure you have a hand pump while doing it. 

Step 2

Also, you need to wear safety goggles, hand gloves, safety shoes and all the other things that would protect you if you are going to use this acid. 

As you working with acidic solution, so that you have to wear these things unless you cannot execute this procedure.

Step 3

Now, start the process by applying red clay stains remover all over the concrete. You have to make sure if all the red clay stain area is covered with this solution. That will help to get rid if the stains in a proper way. 

Step 4

After finishing applying the remover, let the solution sit for at least 2-3 minutes. And once the time is over, then power washing the area. 

You must use it to wash off all the excess solution and also the red clay. So, do the power washing and move the red clay off the surface completely.  

But make sure you do this thing right after the sitting of the stain remover. And remove it from the area in a proper way. Otherwise, it can resettle in the other place and you need to do the same processes again. 

Step 5

Once you are done with all the removing process, now you can wipe the concrete floor with a clean cloth to make it dry. 

Otherwise, you can leave the floor just like that to dry in the air. And that will be enough to have a clean, clay-less concrete floor. 

Pro Tips of Remove Red Clay Stains From Concrete

  1. Do not apply this method without wearing safety equipment
  2. Must do it in a fast way after applying the solution on the concrete
  3. Use a clay stains remover that is of good quality
  4. Do not let the remover sit for a long time, otherwise it might damage Thematerial
  5. Avoid using any scrubbing process

What can you do to make the removing thing easier for future?

After finishing the cleaning, you can take a few steps to make this kind of cleaning and stain removing thing much easier. Also, it will make less stains if you take the necessary steps.

And what you can do is to consult a team that can remove this stain problem permanently. It will certainly penetrate the surface but not change the look of it at all.

Moreover, it creates a safety layer so that it won’t damage the concrete in future. Also, the future cleanings will be much easier if you do this.

There is also a reason of it. And that is, if you will do the extra steps then it will be difficult for red clay to absorb into the pores of bricks and concrete. 

So, you should do it as it will clear all your problem make their solutions ever easier.

Can you use bleach directly instead of red clay stains remover?

If you want to know whether you can use bleach for cleaning ted clay and its stains or not, then the answer is yes. You can totally use bleach for this purpose.

Almost every stain and rust remover has oxalic acid. And that means bleach. So, apparently, bleach is used as a cleaning agent. And also for cleaning the red clay stains, you can use it too.

But when using it on concrete, make sure it is wet. Do not use bleach directly on the concrete floor.

On the other hand, you should see the labels of the bleach and if it will be suitable for red clay or not.

Otherwise, it might harm the concrete and damage it. And make sure you are careful while checking those labels. That element shouldn’t touch your skin.

Besides, you need to wear safety equipment to protect your body from its bad effect on skin. And after applying the bleach, you must wait for a while for getting a better result. Also, you might need to reapply it if needed.

So, the ultimate answer is yes, you can use bleach for cleaning red clay stains but you need to be careful about all these stuff. And that will be enough.

Wrap Up

To conclude it, you will see, there can be other procedures that could be effective. But this process would be the best.

All you need to do is to be careful while doing this method and know all about how to remove red clay stains from concrete first. So that, you can do all the things properly and surely get the better results out of it.

Do the things right and don’t forget to share your feedback and experience about it!

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