How To Remove Rust Stains From Linoleum?

Having rusts on linoleum is a common thing. It happens for a lot of uses of it. Linoleum floor can make stains easily. That’s why removing it become a necessary thing.

And to do that, first, you will need to know how to remove rust stains from linoleum. And if you get the proper idea of the methods, and the process of it, then you can then execute it. 

So, to know the steps of the removing techniques, check all the things in details!

How To Remove Rust Stains From Linoleum

How To Remove Rust Stains From Linoleum? – With 5 Easy Technique

Talking about linoleum, it also can cause rust. As you already know, any kind of stain is tough to remove. But still, you can remove it by applying some effective methods. 

But what are those methods? You need to know by learn about how to remove rust stains from linoleum. And to know about it more deeply, let’s check the methods first. 

Technique 1: Rust Remover 

Using rust remover is the basic thing that people use. And that is the effective one too. The method is easy enough. You will just need rust remover for this purpose. 

But you need to know the processes well so that, you can execute it properly and get better results too. So, check the process first. 

Also, for doing it, you will need: 

  • Rust remover
  • A scrubber   
  • A clean cloth 
  • And water 

Step 1:

Starting with using the remover, you need to apply it to the stained area. And for doing it, take that rust remover and apply it all over the linoleum. 

Make sure all the area is covered well so that no rust will be remained on there. 

Step 2:

After applying the remover all over the area, now you must let the area soaked in a proper way. You have to remember, the more you soak it, the easier the rust will be fading away. So, soak the place for about a few minutes. 

Step 3:

After that, take a scrubber to scrub it off properly. You can also use an old toothbrush to do the scrubbing. 

Make sure you do it not too much in a gentle way or not too much in a harsh way. It should be proper. 

Step 4:

Also, spray some water on the area with the remover. That will create an ease of scrubbing. And you can see, the rust is coming off in a quick way. 

Step 5:

Now, take a soft cloth to wipe the entire remover from the linoleum floor. You can also use paper towel to do it. 

And that will be enough to have a clean and new-looking linoleum floor. 

Technique 2: Detergent and Baking Soda and Vinegar 

We all know that both baking soda and vinegar help to clean any kind of stains from any kinds of materials. And these will also work good for removing rust too. 

But you need to know the process of using them together. Or else, you won’t be having the best result that you want. 

And to do this procedure, the things you will need are: 

  • Baking soda 
  • Vinegar 
  • Detergent or any kind of liquid soap 
  • A scrubber 
  • And a cloth 

Step 1:

At first, take a bowl to make the solution. Start doing it by adding some baking soda and detergent in it. You can use liquid soap too. And then pour vinegar. 

Mix them well to make a paste of thick consistency. Make sure the paste will be mixed well. So that, applying it will be much easier.  

Step 2:

Now, spread the paste all over the rust. You need to cover the entire area to clean out the rust and its stains.  

Step 3:

After that, it’s time for soaking. You need to let the solution sit for a few minutes. It will help to remove the stains fast. 

So, that’s why take time and have patience to get the better result. 

Step 4:

After a few minutes, now you have to take the stains out off the linoleum. And to do it, you need to scrub of the area. 

You will need a scrubber or a used toothbrush to do this scrubbing. Press the scrubber well, and you will see the rusts are getting fade away. And at that time, you need to stop doing it. 

Step 5:

Now, take a paper towel or a clean cloth. Wipe the excess solution out of it with that cloth to get a properly cleaned area. 

You will see, there will be no rust or any stain. And it will look shiny as before.  

Technique 3: Toilet Cleaner 

Toilet cleaner will also be a great element to get rid of the rust. Yes, you heard it right. The toilet cleaner will be a useful thing. 

And the reason is, it had the elements that can easily remove the stains from the toilet. And it will also be useful on the linoleum as well because the materials are almost the same. 

So, it can also remove the rust and the stains too. All you will need is: 

  • Toilet cleaner 
  • A scrubber 
  • A cloth 

Step 1:

The entire process is simple. Just take the cleaner and spread all over the rusted area. Make sure the stains are properly covered. 

Step 2:

Now, leave it like that for about a few minutes. So that, it will be easier to remove the stains in a fast way. So, make sure you will do the soaking well. 

Step 3:

After being soaked in a proper way, start scrubbing with a scrubber. And you need to scrub all the stained area well. 

Make sure no scratches will be occurred while doing it. But do the scrubbing by pressing hard. 

Step 4:

After that, take a dry cloth and wipe out all the solution in a proper way. Make sure there will be no cleaning solution on the linoleum floor. 

Step 5:

For the final finishing, take another wet cloth and clean the area in a proper way. That’s how no solution will be present on the floor and you will get a hygiene floor ever. You can also wipe the area again with another dry cloth or you can just air dry it.   

Technique 4: Tomato and Rock Salt 

Another interesting method is to use tomato to remove rust from the linoleum floor. Tomato has the organic ingredient that helps to remove any kind of stains quickly. And rock salt enhances the chances of it. 

So, using it will totally be useful for this purpose.  

And to do that, you will need: 

  • Tomato 
  • Rock salt 
  • A scrubber 
  • And a cloth 

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is to make the solution of the ingredients. And for that, you will need a bowl. 

Take a whole tomato and get the juice of it. Then add rock salt and mix the two ingredients well. And that will be enough for making the solution.  

Step 2:

Now, apply the solution on the linoleum and cover all the stains with it well. After that, you need to let it sit for a while so that, you can get the rust out of it in a proper way. 

So, make sure you will soak the area for a generous amount of time.  

Step 3 :

Now, take the scrubber and start doing the scrubbing by pressing it hard. But make sure this won’t occur any kind of scratches.  

Step 4:

After that, take the cloth and wipe out all the ingredients from the floor. Make sure there will be no residue remaining. And then again wipe out with a wet cloth to clean the area properly.  

So, these steps will be enough to get the rust out of the linoleum and make it shiny like before.  

Technique 5: Lemon Juice and Rock Salt 

Well, like vinegar and baking soda, lemon juice is also known for its good outcome of removing stains. 

So, if you don’t have vinegar or baking soda around you, then you can use lemon juice. It is available in almost all houses and easy to use too. 

To start the procedure, first, you need to know what elements you will need. And those are: 

  • Lemon juice 
  • Rock salt 
  • A scrubber 
  • A dry and clean cloth 

Step 1:

First of all, take a bowl and start preparing the solution. And for that, you will need rock salt and lime juice. Add these two things in the bowl and mix well. 

Make it a paste-like thing for easy applying. 

Step 2:

After that, apply the mixture on the areas where the rust is exist. That will be easier to remove if you would nicely cover the entire area before. 

Step 3:

Cover the areas well and then let it sit for about a few minutes. That will help to soak the lime juice solution properly. 

And it will also be helpful to remove the stains. So, make sure you soak the areas for a right amount of time. 

Step 4:

Now, it’s time to scrub those areas. And for doing this, you need to use a scrubber or a toothbrush to scrub the areas properly.  

Don’t do it too harsh but do it in a proper way so that the stains will be gone. And keep doing the scrubbing until the stains and the rusts will start come off. 

Step 5:

Now, take a clean cloth and rub the area with it. Wipe the area well so that, no residue will be there anymore.  

And then, let the floor for air drying. Or, you can also use another cloth to get the linoleum floor cleaned properly. And that will be enough for getting a good-looking linoleum floor.      

Pro Tips For removing Rust Stains From Linoleum

  1. Make sure the scrubbing won’t make any scratches but still you need to do it in a gentle yet hard way 
  2. Don’t forget to wear protective equipment like hand gloves, safety glasses, and all that you will need especially while working with chemicals 
  3. You must soak it but not do it for a long time otherwise, it might damage the texture of the material  
  4. Dry the place well after cleaning    

Wrap Up

There are several other techniques that you could find. But you need to choose that one that will be easier and useful for you. Most importantly, you need to know what procedure can fulfil your purpose. 

And to be sure about this thing, you need to know how to remove rust stains from linoleum and the techniques well.            

And after knowing all the process, then you can execute any of them. Do this and share your experience with us!           

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