How To Remove Starch Stains From Clothes?

When it’s about starch stains on clothes, you need to remember that, the older the stain, the harder to remove. That’s why you need to remove it as soon as possible.

And to do that, first, you have to know how to remove starch stains from clothes. Besides, you also should know if the fabric is washable garment or not.

Then you should start the next procedures. To know more about it, check the details first.

How To Remove Starch Stains From Clothes

How To Remove Starch Stains From Clothes

Several methods of several problems are present in this modern life. You can search for the answers of your quarries and you will get it easily.

But you have to decide what procedure will be the best one for your situation. And according to that, you will need to select one method and execute according to the rules of it.

So, for getting a better idea, let’s get right into the deeper section and see how the methods work.

Method 1: Basic Method

The first method that we are going to describe you is the basic technique that is easy to apply and effective too. 

To know more, let’s get the steps begin! 

Step 1

For doing this, you don’t need to take a lot of ingredients. You will just need about a couple of ingredients and you will be all done to get into the process.

And to do that, first, you will need to make a solution. And to do it, you will need dishwashing liquid, and cold water. Take a bowl and mix these two ingredients together. And after that, your solution will be ready. 

Step 2 

Now, take that solution and spread all over the stain. You can also use spray bottle to do this in an easy way. Spray the watery mixture on the cloth area that is stained. And then, leave it for a few minutes to soak it completely. 

Step 3 

After that, take a clean cloth and start blotting the area to absorb excess solution from the fabric. Keep doing it until the stains of starch is completely removed. 

In that way, you can get rid of the stains easily. 

Step 4

You can repeat this process if the stains ain’t coming out. Do these procedures again as the exact way you did before. 

And that’s how you will see the starch stains are not exist anymore. And at that time, you need to stop doing the application.  

Step 5

After getting rid of the stains, now you need to wash it completely. It is important because that’s how all the stains will be gone completely. 

And to do it, take cold water in a bucket, and dip the cloth into it. Wash the cloth properly. Then, leave it to air dry. That’s how you can get the stains out without any damaging.                      

Method 2: Baking Soda 

How can we leave the baking soda method? On almost all kinds of stains, this element works effectively. And also for the starch stains, it works well. 

Besides, not only for the tough starch stains but also for the small kinds of starch stains like spray starch stains, this ingredient helps you more.     

So, to let you know more about it, let the explanation of this method begin! 

Step 1

You can make a solution of baking soda like almost all people do. But, you can also use it directly to the surface. 

And for doing it, start by using any kind of cleaning solution. Take the solution and spread it all over the stained area. You have do it properly. 

And make sure you won’t apply it all over the area of the cloth. You just need to use it on the stains.               

Step 2

Now, take baking soda and sprinkle all over the stains well. You don’t need to add a lot of amounts of it. Just take a generous amount and spread it nicely. 

Step 3

After that, it’s time for scrubbing. And to do that, you can take a scrubber or a toothbrush to do this technique. 

Keep scrubbing it until the stains are completely gone. But make sure you won’t do the scrubbing too harsh. That will damage the entire fabric. 

So, be gentle and keep scrubbing in this way to get the better results.  

Step 4

Now, you need to wash it off completely. And to do it, take cold water in a bucket, and rinse the cloth off well with this water. 

And after that, you need to leave the cloth in a certain place to air dry it completely. You can also dry it in the sun for a while to get the cloth dried in a proper way. That will ensure the compete hygiene of it. 

Method 3: Ammonia Solution 

If you have tough stains, you can also use ammonia as a great solution. Especially when you have a lot of stains that are not coming out easily, you should go for this technique. 

But there is a certain procedure of applying it. And you must know all about it before getting into any procedure. So, let’s check the details, and execute according to it. 

Step 1

At first, you need to get the upper level stains out of the cloth. And to do that, you can take a spoon or a knife. Gently scrape the dried stains out, but make sure you won’t be too harsh on it. 

Besides, if the stains are wet then you can do blotting. And to do this process, take a paper towel or a clean cloth to blot up the stains well. And that’s how you need to keep doing it before getting into any other procedure to get a better result. 

Step 2

Now, it’s time to use ammonia. And to use it in a proper way, you need to make a solution of it first. So that, you can get better results for sure. 

And for making a solution, take a bowl for mixing all the ingredients together. So, take 1 tablespoon of ammonia into it and add 1/2 cup of water. 

Now, mix these two elements together to make the solution done. 

Step 3

After that, apply the mixture on the stained area to get rid of the stains. Make sure you apply it in a proper way, so that it can sit well. 

But do not use it all over the area of the cloth. It might damage the texture of the fabric. So, apply only the surfaces those are affected and stained.    

Step 4

Now, leave the cloth like this to soak the solution properly. And once you are seeing no such stains, it means the stains are no longer there. 

And at that time, you need to blot it again. Take another paper towel or a clean cloth to remove all the excess moisture, and the solution out of it. That will get all the wetness out of the cloth. 

Step 5

Now, you can wash it off. And you can do this with plain and cool water. Just take a generous amount of water in a bucket, and wash the cloth in it. 

That will take all the ammonia out of the cloth, and you can get a stain-free cloth that you want. 

Step 6

The final step will be drying. You should dry it in the air. No need to use any dryer for this. It is because it can damage the cloth. 

So, take it in the sun or just leave it where it can dry out by air easily.  

Pro Tips To Remove Starch Stains From Clothes

  1. When you are doing scrubbing, always remember that you need to do it in a gentle way, not a harsh way 
  2. Soaking is important that’s why you need to do that to get rid of the stains quickly 
  3. Never forget to wear hand gloves when you are working with bleach, ammonia or any other kinds of chemicals 
  4. You can spray water first that will help not to sit the stains on cloth  

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of methods you can apply. But all that matters is the proper outcome that you want. The reason is, it will be a useless method if you cannot get the desired result. 

Basically, your purpose of doing all of these things should be fulfilled. And to achieve that, you need to know all about how to remove starch stains from clothes. And when you will know it, then you should start applying.        

So, get all the things done and then do the procedures. You will surely get your desired result.

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