How to remove sticky residue from hardwood floors

A clean floor means a new home. But to keep the floor clean, you have to work hard, especially if you have kids in the house. The homeowners stay busy all day, only keeping the floor clean because it gets dirty for various reasons. All the stains and dirt can be taken care of easily, but removing the sticky residue is quite challenging. You have to use certain cleaning solutions to remove the sticky remains.  If you are new with this situation, go through this how to remove sticky residue from hardwood floors. I hope it will work for you.

How to remove sticky residue from hardwood floors

What causes Sticky Residue from Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floors can get sticky for the spills of different products or foods. If the whole floor is feeling sticky, then the cleaning product you are using causes the problem. Some cleaning products build up after use and damages the surface. So you have to use the proper cleaning products for the proper wood floor. It will not just keep the floor clean but also increases the life of the floor.

How to remove sticky residue from hardwood floors

You can get the glue residue from the crafts you use or the sticky tag residue; both of them are quite tricky to remove. The important thing is you have to be gentle while trying to remove the sticky residue as you have to keep the surface safe. Here I have given the process of removing the sticky stuff from the wood floor without damaging.

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To remove the sticky residue and glue from the wood, you’ll need:

Warm soap water

Step 1

Before starting the cleaning, apply the vinegar, oil, and polishes in a small area to see if the wood reacts in the wrong way or not. Keep the floor clean and dry; it will help to point out the sticky area.

Step 2

First, try with vegetable oil. Put some vegetable oil on the residue and rub it. Then soak it for 2-3 hours.  Now take the hairdryer and blow warm air on the residue. It will loosen the residue a lot. Take the dry cotton cloth and wipe the area with warm water. The sticky remains will go away.

Step 3

Next, you can try the furniture polish to remove the glue residue. You have to take a cotton cloth and rub the area with the polish. You may need to use the polish more than once to get a better result.

Step 4

You can use the nail polish remover to remove the stickiness from the wood. Take a cotton ball and apply the nail polish remover in the area. Rub the area in a circular motion, make sure you are applying in the area where the stickiness is. Leave it for some time, then wipe the area with a cotton cloth. Then take a damp cloth and wipe the rest of the nail polish remover from the surface.

Step 5

You can try the mineral oil to remove the sticky residue. Apply the oil on the area then use the cloth to rub. After leaving it for some time, wipe the filth from the surface.

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Step 6

This step is for hard, sticky filths that are on the floor for a long time. To get rid of them, you have to use denatured alcohol. But not all of them are suitable to use as they can damage the floor. Check the one that works only to remove the adhesive residue from the floor without damaging the surface.  Use the alcohol on the spot and then wipe it with a cloth. It works like magic.

Step 7

You can use a steam mop to remove the sticky stuff. All you have to do is use warm water and vinegar mixture and mop the floor with the solution. You have to apply pressure while using the mop. Mop the floor until the sticky residue gets off. 

Step 8

There are commercial sticky removal products in the market. You can use them if you don’t want to go for the hassle by using natural ingredients. Just make sure the product is safe for wood.

Final thoughts

Many homeowners love to install hardwood floors though it is expensive because it is durable and long-lasting. But when the floor gets dirty from food spills or dirt from the shoe, then you have to use a cleaning solution to get rid of the dirt. At first, try to know why your floor is getting sticky residue, try to prevent them. If your floor gets the sticky adhesive, then follow this article about how to remove sticky residue from hardwood floors. Follow the methods and make your floor new and clean.

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