How To Remove Urine Stains From Toilet Bowl – Top 5 Methods

If you notice, you see that the toilet seat and toilet bowl makes stains. And these stains look terrible. So, removing them becomes necessary.

So, to do it, you need to know all about how to remove urine stains from the toilet bowl. And according to that, you should do all the procedures.

Check out the effective methods to get a proper idea of it.

How To Remove Urine Stains From Toilet Bowl

How To Remove Urine Stains From Toilet Bowl:

If you see there are stains in your toilet bowl, then it looks gross. It doesn’t look good at all. And that’s why you need to keep it clean all the time.

The reason is, if you keep it clean, then it doesn’t create any stains in the bowl. Also, it looks clean. So, you need to take proper steps to make your toilet bowl stain-free.

But you need to know what the proper steps are. It is because if you don’t use proper elements, then you cannot remove the stains as these are tough to remove. 

So, first, take a proper idea of the methods, and apply them according to it. Check out the methods appropriately.  

Method 1: Chemical Cleaner

There are various kinds of chemical cleaner available. You can find them in any store. These kinds of cleaners work like a stain remover. And it’s easy to use too. 

That’s why you have to know the proper technique of using it. So, you can get the proper outcome. See the steps to get a clear vision.  

Step  1:

The first thing you need to do is to take the cleaner and read the instruction for it. If you read in the very first place, you can get the idea of using it. 

Also, you know the advantages as well as disadvantages to it. So, know about the using process first and then get into the next procedures.  

Step 2:

After getting the idea of it, now it’s time to use it. Apply all over the areas and keep it soak for about half an hour. That helps the stains to come off easily. 

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Step 3:

After soaking it for some time, now you need a scrubber to scrub all the stains out. At that time, you see the stains start coming out of the surface. Do not scrub the areas too hard. But scrub as the way the stains can come out easily.  

Step  4:

Now, clean the surface by flushing it out. Also, you can use a hand shower to clean the rest of the areas well. And it’s done and clean as well. 

Method 2: Baking Soda 

Baking soda works excellently on any kind of stains. Not for the fabrics and delicate items, you can also use it for cleaning your toilet bowl too. 

All you need is to know the process clearly. That helps to get the outcome easily. So, the first thing you need to do is to get the entire process well. And execute the method according to it. Let’s get started to know more. 

Step 1:

Take some baking soda, and sprinkle it all over the areas. Make sure you take a generous amount of it so that, it can cover all the areas well. 

Step 2:

Now, take a toilet brush, and scrub the areas well. If you think you need some more soda, then sprinkle some more of it. And then do the same thing again. 

Step 3;

Repeat the process if you think you should do it. Do it until the stains are completely gone. After getting rid of all the stains, now you should clean the residue well. 

Flush the toilet properly. And use a hand shower to get all the baking soda solution out of it. And you can get a shiny toilet of your own. 

Method 3: White Vinegar 

White vinegar is also a great agent that can remove all the stains magically. You can use it to get rid of the tough stains. 

You can find several kinds of ways to use it. You just need to know about it first. And that’s how you can get your desired outcome for sure. So, let’s start the process step by step to have a clear vision. 

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Step 1:

Take about a half cup of white vinegar. And pour all over the bowl area well. Make sure you spread the vinegar equally all over the areas properly.  

Step 2:

Now, leave the toilet like that for about 20-30 minutes. Soaking is necessary, and if you do it the right way, then you can get the best outcome of all. 

So, soak the areas properly for a generous amount of time. 

Step 3:

After soaking it for a while, now you need to rinse all over the places. Flush the toilet to clean the inner side of it. 

And rinse all the areas by using a hand shower or whatever you like. That’s how you can find the best outcome that you always want. 

Method 4: Coca-Cola 

Yes, you heard it right. You can use Coca-Cola to remove your toilet bowl stains out properly. It has the properties that weaken the stains. 

And that’s why it gets easier to remove the stains from any surface. You just need to know about this process. 

If you know about the using process, then you can do the process without having any doubt about it. So, let’s check the entire method first, and then use it. 

Step 1:

Though it works against rust and the other staining problems, you can totally use it for removing toilet bowl stains. 

And to start, you need to take Coca-Cola and spread all over the area just like the application of white vinegar. Make sure you cover all the sections properly. 

Step 2:

Now, let the liquid soak on the surface in a proper way. Do not scrub in the first place. Just make sure you soak the areas with Coca-Cola as long as possible. 

Step 3:

When you are done with soaking, now rinse all over the areas well. You have to make sure that you wash all the places that you pour Coca-Cola. 

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After rinsing the places well, you notice the stains start fading out. And gradually, the stains get properly removed.  

Method 5: Lemon Juice 

As you know, rust and all kinds of stains are made because of the production of calcium on the surface. And lemon juice works against calcium production. 

So, if you use lemon juice or any other citric acid on the toilet bowl, then you can be able to get the perfect, and stain-free surface. So, to get this kind of outcome, learn about all the methods first. 

Step 1:

Take a small bowl to make a mixture first. Take about a cup of lemon juice in the bowl. Now, add about 10-15 drops of any kind of essential oil to it. 

We recommend you use a tea tree or lemon essential oil. That suits more to remove the stains. Mix the two things well and that’s enough to make the cleaning solution.  

Step 2:

Take a spray bottle and pour the solution into it. You need to shake it well before using it. Now, spray all over the places that have stains. You need to spray well all over the areas. 

Step 3:

Now, take a toilet brush, and scrub all the stained places well. Make sure there are no places that you miss. There is no rush. Take time and scrub all over the place gently. 

Step 4:

For the finishing, rinsing all over the area well. That cleans the places, and remove all the excess solution out of the toilet seat as well. And you can get a shiny toilet by getting the idea of how to remove urine stains from the toilet bowl

Pro Tips For Removing Urine Stains From Toilet Bowl

  • Do not use any metal brushes because it makes scratches 
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing  
  • Use gloves while using any solution 
  • Rinse all over the places well, otherwise, it might be harmful to your skin 
  • Leave the places after rinsing to dry it easily 

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