Who Keeps The Ocean Clean

There are many organizations and individuals who keep the ocean clean. These include the Coast Guard, the Navy, environmental organizations, and local volunteers. The Coast Guard is responsible for cleaning up oil spills and other hazardous materials that could pollute the ocean.

The Navy also has a responsibility to clean up the ocean, as they are often the cause of pollution. Environmental organizations work to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the ocean clean and to lobby for better laws and policies to protect the ocean. Local volunteers often clean up beaches and coastal areas.


How do we keep the ocean clean

Who keeps the ocean clean? The answer may surprise you. It’s not just one person or organization that’s responsible for keeping our oceans clean.

Instead, it’s a collective effort from individuals, businesses, and governments around the world. Individuals can do their part by avoiding activities that pollute the ocean, such as littering, illegal dumping, and overfishing. Businesses can also help by properly disposing of waste and using sustainable practices.

And finally, governments play a role in ocean conservation through legislation and funding for ocean clean-up initiatives. Together, we can all help to keep the ocean clean and healthy for future generations.


Who keeps the ocean clean? It’s a team effort! From the little things we do every day to the big projects that remove trash from the ocean, everyone can play a part in keeping our oceans clean.

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